Company: Deutsche Bank

Morning Coffee: The worst thing Anshu Jain said yesterday. Illicit emotions on the trading floor

Deutsche Bankers have reason to fear Anshu Jain's empowerment. And don't do this if you're a trader who doesn't want to draw the attention of monitors.

Meet some of the top Chinese bankers under 40

Rising through the ranks in a Western investment bank is not easy for Chinese bankers. Here are some very prominent ones who are under 40.

Morning Coffee: Ex-Deutsche Bank trader preparing infants for banking careers. When promising jobs don’t pan out

How soon should you start preparing your children for a career in banking? One senior finance professional is starting the process at 3 years old.

Senior investment bankers already heading for the door at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank's strategy change has meant a number of senior bankers heading elsewhere in recent weeks.

Naughtiness must not be tolerated at Deutsche Bank, redux

Deutsche Bank's new Konzept magazine suggests the bank is far too lenient with its own staff.

Hot job sector opens up within Asian investment banking

Investment banking hiring isn’t exactly booming in Asia, but FIG is bucking this trend.

The 10 strangest jobs banks are hiring for now

Want to work in executive protection for Goldman Sachs in Russia? How about the night shift at J.P. Morgan in Bangalore?

The most dissatisfied junior and mid-ranking investment bankers work for these firms

Junior investment bankers have had a good year, so why are most being left unhappy with their bonus payments?

Morning Coffee: What this says about life as a fixed income trader. How to get into a top hedge fund aged approx 23

Fixed income traders lead a life of uncertainty. Even if you only left university last year, you can get a hedge fund job if this condition is satisfied.

Equities hiring resurgent in Hong Kong

After a slow start to the year, job opportunities for equities traders in Hong Kong are picking up.

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