Company: Deutsche Bank

How swollen is Deutsche Bank really?

Deutsche Bank has already partially popped its fixed income bubble.

Deutsche Bank’s top infrastructure technologist talks tech careers

So you think you want to work in 'infrastructure technology' in an investment bank? Deutsche's Scott Marcar explains why it's an interesting career.

Deutsche Bank just delivered this verdict on the best banking jobs as we go into the 2nd half

Are you looking for a new job in investment banking? You're in luck, as long as you're not trying for a job in asset backed securitization (ABS) or…

Morning Coffee: Confluence of horrors hits Deutsche Bank. Crazed extracurriculars of top finance youth

It's not turning out to be a good week for Deutsche Bank. And how do you really differentiate yourself if you want a job in finance?

The five banks to apply to first if you want a middle-office job in Asia

The recruitment boom in Asian risk and compliance isn't as widespread as you'd think – only a handful of banks have ample middle-office vacancies.

Is Deutsche Bank now overpaying its junior bankers?

Deutsche Bank is the best paying bank for juniors. It may not last.

Antonio Polverino has been quietly hiring investment bankers

RBS star trader Antonio Polverino, who started his own firm in 2014, has been poaching from investment banks.

Morning Coffee: When Deutsche Bank paid a 29 year old trader €38m. Redundancies at Standard Chartered

Not long ago, traders in their 20s earned crazy money. "It was a place and time that will never reoccur in our generation," says a headhunter, wistfully.

Goldman Sachs isn’t the only bank with restrictions on interns’ working hours

Interns at Goldman Sachs won't be the only ones commanded to sleep in their beds at night. Many say the rules are likely to be unenforceable, however.

Deutsche Bank says a bad time is coming for credit traders

Now is not a good time to be working in credit, says Deutsche Bank.

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