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Radiograph of snail

The hardest jobs to fill at Goldman Sachs, UBS, Barclays, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank

Investment banks have a number of new jobs that have been open for some time.

Goldman Sachs or Google

Morning Coffee: Behavioural differences between Google and Goldman employees. Deutsche’s day of reckoning approaches

Are you best suited to working for a Google, or are you best suited to working for a Goldman Sachs? Are you an off-beat eschatologist who wants to…

European banks FICC revenues

Deutsche Bank just issued this ominous forecast for UBS’s FICC business

Things are not looking good for credit traders in Europe.

Sajid Javid

Morning Coffee: “This guy is good. – Off the charts good.” Was Anshu Jain fired?

If you're looking for a model your banking career, you could do a lot lot worse than copying the characteristics of Sajid Javid.

Best banks to work for

Morning Coffee: The six best banks to work for now. A shortcut into UBS

Ever since the bulge bracket banking order was toppled by the banking crisis, it's been less easy to determine what constitutes a top tier bank and what doesn't.…

Spot the language that will get you ahead at Goldman

The languages that will get you a job at Goldman Sachs

Want to work for Goldman Sachs? Maybe you should start language lessons.


Where Deutsche Bank is hiring traders

Deutsche Bank is in the midst of a strategy review, but some key people are still joining.

Deutsche Bank fixed income

How swollen is Deutsche Bank really?

Deutsche Bank has already partially popped its fixed income bubble.

Scott Marcar Deutsche

Deutsche Bank’s top infrastructure technologist talks tech careers

So you think you want to work in 'infrastructure technology' in an investment bank? Deutsche's Scott Marcar explains why it's an interesting career.

Best banking jobs 2015

Deutsche Bank just delivered this verdict on the best banking jobs as we go into the 2nd half

Are you looking for a new job in investment banking? You're in luck, as long as you're not trying for a job in asset backed securitization (ABS) or…

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