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Where the money will be found

Morning Coffee: Tough new rules on hedge fund pay, MBAs’ fast-track to the private equity executive suite

In what has been deemed ‘Super Tuesday’ for banking regulation, when a series of new EU rules aimed at fixing the European banking system were unveiled, a new…

Anshu Jain 2014

The disquiet at Deutsche goes much deeper than coming FICC layoffs

Deutsche Bank is making redundancies. The German bank hasn’t officially commented about the layoffs (and declined to comment for this article), but is expected to dismiss 500 investment…

Sajid David, banker no more

All you need to know on Sajid Javid, banker turned culture secretary

As of this morning, Britain has an ex-banker as its culture secretary. Sajid Javid, banker (ex) has been promoted to replace Maria Miller, who resigned after a big…


A good year: When bankers turn to wine

It’s 8am when I speak to John Skinner. He’s already been up for a couple of hours and started his day chasing five deer around his vineyard on…

Small comfort

Deutsche issues note offering small hope to its paranoid fixed income traders

Deutsche Bank’s fixed income currencies and commodities (FICC) professionals are living in fear. Sometime soon, several hundred of their number will be asked to leave their desks at…

Coming soon to the Deutsche Bank trading floor

Another top fixed income trader quits Deutsche ahead of coming firestorm

Bad things are fast approaching for fixed income professionals at Deutsche Bank. Several weeks ago, Handelsblatt reported that Deutsche will be dumping 500 investment bankers, almost all of…


German banks look like the worst payers

U.S. investment banks, with their traditional generosity and easy side-step of the EU bonus cap rules, have long been the place to earn the biggest big bonuses in…

Going behind the mask

Why is Deutsche Bank’s Anshu Jain pulling this strange face?

We have come across a curious picture of Anshu Jain. It is published in Deutsche Bank’s annual report, which is out today. The picture, of Jain standing next…


Heinous pay for Deutsche Bank MDs. And other Deutsche compensation facts

While everyone frets over Deutsche’s coming redundancies, the German bank has quietly divulged how and how much it paid its bankers last year. After a quick perusal of its remuneration…

His job's safe

Morning Coffee: The only people with safe jobs at Deutsche. Hiring, firing at BofA

Surprise! Deutsche Bank is making redundancies. The well-flagged layoffs at Deutsche’s investment bank finally arrived yesterday. According to Handelsblatt (via Reuters), 500 people at Deutsche Bank

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