Company: Deutsche Bank

The best investment banks to work for in fixed income

Most banks have had a terrible time in fixed income in 2014, but which are the best options?

Morning Coffee: Barclays and Deutsche bonuses to fall foul of Swiss franc? Goldman Sachs’ plan for world domination

Has the Swiss franc eradicated FX bonus pools? And who will Goldman be hiring in 2015?

Morning Coffee: Deutsche M&A appointment continues Hong Kong reshuffle

We’re barely two weeks into the year and there’s more news emanating from the upper echelons of Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong.

Morning Coffee: Time to be apprehensive at Deutsche Bank. The curious route to the top in equities

Employees at Deutsche's corporate and investment bank have been given a dose of paranoia. And how do you become a top equity trader now?

Morning Coffee: Deutsche departure continues senior musical chairs in Hong Kong

Lisa Friis, Deutsche Bank’s COO of investment banking coverage and advisory for Asia, is leaving the bank.

Hiring and firing in investment banking: The winners and the losers in 2014

All you need to know about the coming and goings at the major investment banks in London.

What banks in Asia really want to know when they interview you

The interview questions that are in favour with graduate recruiters at banks in Singapore and Hong Kong right now.

The only FX trader who’ll get paid this year?

Most FX traders won't get paid this year, but there is one exception.

Deutsche Bank’s end of year trading cull

Deutsche Bank may be making some unexpected end of year hires. But it's also making some entirely predictable end of year layoffs. Headhunters in London say Deutsche has got…

Morning Coffee: No one’s hiring, except… And don’t join a bond fund that’s breaking into equities

2014 is being snuffed out in the tourniquet of Christmas cheer, but one bank is still making big hires in the front office.

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