Company: Deutsche Bank

Senior commodities duo exit Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has lost more senior staff as it winds down its commodities business.

Morning Coffee: Earnest young bankers snatch last opportunities for inebriation. Compliance hiring overdrive

Compliance professionals are receiving a lot of calls from recruiters. And today's young bankers are boring, say those above them.

Has Deutsche Bank pushed up cost of living in Birmingham? And other expensive places to live as a banker

Cost of living has increased in most major financial centres relative to other cities over the past 12 months.

5 reasons why you should switch your career in finance to asset management, immediately

Should you migrate your career in finance from banking to asset management? Yes, if you have any sense.

How to convert your internship at Deutsche Bank into a full-time job

If you're interning in a Deutsche's investment bank this year, how can you convert it into a job offer?

Morning Coffee: Careers in finance that will still be hot in 2030. Citigroup investment bankers take control at Barclays

Which careers in finance will keep you employed for the next 20 years? James Gorman thinks he has the answer. And Citi bankers have mounted a Barc takeover.

Morgan Stanley’s guide to the best jobs in banking in 2014 and beyond

Which jobs in banking will serve you best this year and in the future? Morgan Stanley's analysts have some suggestions.

Career Crunch: Surviving in the investment bank of tomorrow, Asian job title inflation

Investment banking is evolving, so how will potential employees have to adapt?

Are these the best businesses in the best banks if you’re doing a banking internship this year?

You're doing a banking internship. Where are you most likely to receive a full time job offer?

Morning Coffee: Barclays tries new method of behavioural modification. Deutsche Bank analysts call FICC recovery

Barclays' compliance staff are to be at the forefront of a whole new attempt to bring its recalcitrant bankers under control.

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