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JPMorgan pays its investment bankers the most. And does Nomura really pay more than Goldman Sachs?

Which investment banks are most likely to pay well? Here's a league table of the biggest salaries and bonuses, bank by bank.

Deutsche Bank says its big salary increases are becoming burdensome

Deutsche Bank has increased salaries for its senior investment bankers. Back in April, the German bank said it was hiking salaries for 1,700 of its highest earners by…

M&A. vs. sales and trading. Which is the best career for you?

You want to work in a high-pressure, high-reward banking job. Are you best suited to markets or to the investment banking division (IBD)?

Investment banks are desperate for talent – up north

Investment banks are shifting more jobs into low cost destinations in the north of England, but are struggling to fill them.

Bank-by-bank MBA associate programmes deadlines (London)

A breakdown of when MBAs who aspire to be investment bankers need to get their applications in.

Morning Coffee: How idiots mess up Morgan Stanley applications. The forgotten cabal within Deutsche Bank

What do fools do during the Morgan Stanley application process? And Deutsche's fixed income business is actually an offshoot of Merrill Lynch.

Morning Coffee: How Colin Fan is keeping traders at Deutsche Bank. London bankers can’t afford 2nd child

Deutsche Bank traders are in danger of defecting to BofA. Michele Foresti has found a way to deter them. And directors in London can't afford two children.

Morning Coffee: Did Goldman Sachs win clients with girls, drink? Deutsche making ‘real money’ again

Is it acceptable to take clients out for drinks in an effort to win their business? And good times are possibly returning to Deutsche Bank.

Morning Coffee: Crisis as neither Barclays’ nor UBS’s M&A bankers perform. Curse of the ‘ladettes’ at Deutsche?

Barclays and UBS have been prioritizing M&A and should have done well this year. They haven't. Meanwhile, is there really a 'ladette' culture at Deutsche?

Six learnings from Deutsche Bank’s ‘Unofficial Guide to Banking’

Deutsche Bank is promoting its 'Unofficial Guide' to banking careers. The guide makes some interesting claims.

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