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Morning Coffee: Enormous profits of arrogant 35 year-old trader. Hiring mistake at Credit Suisse

If you're a trader who made $550m in profits during one year, how much do you deserve to get paid? And Credit Suisse says it hired too many people.

These are the investment banks still hiring for jobs in Hong Kong right now

Looking for an investment banking job in Hong Kong? Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan are hiring – find out which other firms are too.

Deutsche, Goldman, Barclays, CS – which bank is best when you’re a junior in IBD?

You're an analyst in investment banking? So do you want to work for Deutsche, which has sector teams, or Barclays, which doesn't?

Morning Coffee: How a 36 year-old trader earned $900k in a day. Credit Suisse still regretting senior M&A redundancies

Navinder Singh Sarao, a 36 year-old trader in London earned an alleged $40m in five years. Here's how. And Credit Suisse shows the dangers of M&A layoffs.

Global investment banks are still doing some big hiring in Asia

So you thought the Asian hiring boom was over? Not exactly.

Morning Coffee: UBS and Credit Suisse to clash in new battle for Asian bankers

The recruitment war between UBS and Credit Suisse in Asia is set to become even more intense this year.

Credit Suisse has hired 400 people for its investment bank, and other conclusions from its Q1 results

Most divisions within Credit Suisse's investment bank were down, but headcount was up by more than most of its rivals.

Morning Coffee: Where to work at Credit Suisse in Asia

If you’re looking for a job at Credit Suisse in Asia there may be opportunities beyond wealth management.

These are the investment banks you can work for if you don’t have a finance degree

Investment banks don't hire many liberal arts students, but some take on more than others.

Top investment banks where people stick around. Top investment banks where they don’t

Which investment banks have hired most of their people in the past five years? And which have a lot of old-timers? You'd be surprised. We were.

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