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The essential skill that strikes fear into the hearts of investment bankers

Investment banks are increasingly signing their employees up to public speaking classes to ensure they can seal the deal.

UBS hires more senior coverage bankers

UBS, which has been shaking up its country coverage team, has brought in another three senior investment bankers.

From finance to start-up: “I knew if I stayed in banking one more year, I’d never leave”

One investment banker believes it's impossible to start your own company while remaining in the industry. The only way to strike out on your own is to leave and develop an idea.

Morning Coffee: Banks demand Blackberry cold turkey, Google’s ‘toothbrush test’ excludes expensive investment bankers

Investment banks are demanding that their employees really take time off. Google's boss explains why he doesn't really use bankers.

Why banks are looking for their top developers in Eastern Europe

Where do top developers live these days? Try the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Which Masters in Finance courses will give you the best chance of securing a front office job in an investment bank?

Morning Coffee: The top 50 MBAs that impress finance professionals, how to leave a private equity job and not lose out

A guide to the business schools that impress the people who hired MBAs. Why carried interest locks in private equity professionals.

Credit Suisse poaches senior female Goldman Sachs managing director

Credit Suisse has swayed a 15-year old veteran of Goldman Sachs across to its London operation.

“I retired from banking aged 37. Now I’m 40. This is how I would have designed my life“

What does it take to achieve the perfect banking career - in at 20 and out at 40? We spoke to one man who did precisely that.

Career Crunch: Hot banking jobs for the second half, the low-down on Credit Suisse’s hiring plans

It’s reporting season for investment banks, with Credit Suisse the latest firm to unveil its Q2 results. We also cover career dilemmas for bankers created thanks to the EU bonus…

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