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Why you won’t want to work for a bank in London after the election, by Deutsche Bank

Do you know how bad a Labour government could be for City jobs and pay? Deutsche Bank has spelled it out.

6 jobs you probably don’t want as Deutsche Bank becomes Barclays

Deutsche Bank is about to pursue a strategy that sounds remarkably similar to Barclays'. You might not want to work in these jobs if so.

Deutsche, Goldman, Barclays, CS – which bank is best when you’re a junior in IBD?

You're an analyst in investment banking? So do you want to work for Deutsche, which has sector teams, or Barclays, which doesn't?

Global investment banks are still doing some big hiring in Asia

So you thought the Asian hiring boom was over? Not exactly.

These are the investment banks you can work for if you don’t have a finance degree

Investment banks don't hire many liberal arts students, but some take on more than others.

Top investment banks where people stick around. Top investment banks where they don’t

Which investment banks have hired most of their people in the past five years? And which have a lot of old-timers? You'd be surprised. We were.

Morning Coffee: Is no one safe at Barclays? Bold trader demands his dues

Outperformed the market at Barclays? That's no guarantee you'll keep your job. And Mayank Chamadia has given hope to unfairly treated traders everywhere.

A detailed comparison of pay at Barclays, RBS and HSBC

When it comes to pay for its investment bankers, RBS excels on an unlikely measure.

Another sign that pay has plummeted for Barclays bankers on Wall Street?

With Skip McGee out of the way, has something bad happened to pay on 7th Avenue?

Five people hired by Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche and BAML in February. And what they mean for you

So, here's who just got hired by the biggest US and European investment banks.

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