Company: Barclays

Barclays just hired this European equities trader from Millennium Capital Partners

Barclays just bolstered its equities team with a hedge fund hire.

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ traders, sales, compliance staff all implicated. Why plentiful accounting jobs are unappealing

It's not just traders: sales and compliance also come out looking badly in Barclays' latest scandal. And, why graduates shouldn't become accountants.

Morning Coffee: The strange personalities of top M&A bankers and traders. Why young bankers are so boring

What makes senior M&A bankers and traders so special? Skip McGee and Jonathan Hoffman offer some indicators. And young bankers are becoming drones.

The most dissatisfied junior and mid-ranking investment bankers work for these firms

Junior investment bankers have had a good year, so why are most being left unhappy with their bonus payments?

Equities hiring resurgent in Hong Kong

After a slow start to the year, job opportunities for equities traders in Hong Kong are picking up.

Morning Coffee: New outlet for ‘frustrated, intelligent’ analysts. Bonus disparities at Morgan Stanley, Barclays and SocGen

Intelligent and disgruntled investment banking analysts are finding new jobs here. And, which banks pay big bonuses to some and tiny bonuses to others?

Why a Labour Government would have been bad for banking bonuses

Do you know how bad a Labour government could be for City jobs and pay? Deutsche Bank has spelled it out.

These are the 26 year-old IBD professionals Barclays wants now

Barclays is bolstering its UK coverage business. Here's who it's hiring now.

Favourite staff at Barclays Investment Bank underperform horribly. Everyone squeezed

Barclays' favorites are letting the side down and are in for a big cut in pay.

6 jobs you probably don’t want as Deutsche Bank becomes Barclays

Deutsche Bank is about to pursue a strategy that sounds remarkably similar to Barclays'. You might not want to work in these jobs if so.

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