Company: Barclays

Gigantic further cost cuts to come at Barclays’ investment bank. But pay is stable

£1bn more of costs may need to come out of Barclays' investment bank.

Have Barclays’ redundancies dried up ahead of results day?

Barclays has another 4,000 (or so) redundancies to go. But registered headcount in London is stable. What's going on?

Morning Coffee: Bonus etiquette at Barclays. How retired 51 year-old ex-Goldman partners live

What is the proper way of behaving when you receive a large bonus at Barclays? Goldman Sachs' ex-head of UK M&A has reinvented himself as lord of a manor.

A short history of the bonus pool at Barclays’ investment bank

Bonuses in Barclays investment bank don't look too healthy. However, they're not the whole story.

How quickly you make MD at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and more

Goldman Sachs is most likely to promote you to managing director quicker than any other investment bank.

So, this is the likelihood you’ll make MD in compliance

It looks like you have as much chance of getting promoted in a compliance career as climbing a mountain in some flip-flops.

Morning Coffee: The top secret training programme at Barclays. Deutsche’s strategy leak

Barclays staff are being put through secretive three hour sessions. And details have emerged of Deutsche's strategy update.

And the most unfair bank to work in Europe for is….

Investment banks are not fair. But some are fairer than others.

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ ploy to become junior bankers’ favourite employer. Horrors at HSBC

You're 20 years old and have a stack of qualifications. Barclays wants you.

HSBC poaches Barclays’ transformation specialist to lead technology

Darryl West, who joined Barclays as CIO just over a year ago, has resigned to join HSBC.

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