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The five banks to apply to first if you want a middle-office job in Asia

The recruitment boom in Asian risk and compliance isn't as widespread as you'd think – only a handful of banks have ample middle-office vacancies.

Senior bankers are still departing Barclays’ investment bank

More senior bankers are heading to the door at Barclays as it implements 7,000 job cuts in its investment bank.

Banking interns have had their pay revised upwards

How high is pay for interns in investment banks? High. And rising.

How Barclays excludes jerks now

Bob Diamond tried to do it. Now Antony Jenkins is trying again. There will be no jerks at Barclays.

The best and worst investment banks to work for across FICC, IBD and equities

Which investment banks are heading up and which are sliding down the rankings.

Morning Coffee: 45 and 50 year-old men leaving Goldman for hedge funds and PE. Extra holiday at Barclays

It's never to late to leave for the buy-side. And Barclays 'colleagues' now have an extra day's holiday to 'pursue their own ambitions.'

What Goldman, JPM, CS, BAML and Barclays have done to cut working hours

What are working hours really like in investment banks?

Morning Coffee: 2nd year Barclays analyst sends inappropriate email to interns. Big banking job growth in London

Justin Kwan, a 2nd year analyst at Barclays in New York, emailed the bank's incoming interns to warn them they'll be sleeping under desks.

The top investment banks by bonus in 2015

Which investment bank paid the biggest bonus in 2015?

The 7 top front office jobs for the 2nd half of 2015

So you want a sales, trading, research or M&A job this year? These are the hotspots.

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