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These are the companies hiring ex-senior Barclays investment bankers

The exodus from Barclays sales and trading division is working out OK for some people.

Morning Coffee: Five career tips for budding bankers by JPMorgan exec, smeared investment banker takes “voluntary leave”

Legendary JPMorgan deal-maker Jimmy Lee offers five tips to become a successful investment banker.

Ex Barclays bankers cling to giant job titles of their past

What happens when you lose your job in an investment bank? And what happens if it was a really important job in an investment bank and you’re now…

Barclays’ strategy backfires as role-based pay hits £111k per head

Do you want to work for Barclays now? Things don't seem to be going to plan, but you can collect some generous role-based pay.

Investment banks are desperate for talent – up north

Investment banks are shifting more jobs into low cost destinations in the north of England, but are struggling to fill them.

Traders resurgent. Bankers waning. Banks left wondering about strategy

The resurgence of fixed income trading and decline in deal-making has left banks looking behind the curve.

Morning Coffee: The best European bank to work for? Barclays bankers may not be the only ones abstaining

UBS has been supplanted as analysts' favourite investment bank in Europe. And Barclays may not be the only bank asking its staff to curtail their evenings out.

Why did Barclays just lose all these IBD juniors in London?

Barclays Investment Bank is laying people off. In theory it’s laying them off from fixed income sales and trading. It’s strange, therefore, that many of the people who’ve…

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ bankers weep at lavish lives of Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci. Bad news for bonuses

Barclays is no longer an expansionary investment bank with pretensions on the global stage, but its former executives still have plenty of cash.

How Barclays is really trying to give its junior bankers an easier ride

Barclays is trying to make life harder for its junior bankers. Here are the full details.

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