Company: Barclays

Traders resurgent. Bankers waning. Banks left wondering about strategy

The resurgence of fixed income trading and decline in deal-making has left banks looking behind the curve.

Morning Coffee: The best European bank to work for? Barclays bankers may not be the only ones abstaining

UBS has been supplanted as analysts' favourite investment bank in Europe. And Barclays may not be the only bank asking its staff to curtail their evenings out.

Why did Barclays just lose all these IBD juniors in London?

Barclays Investment Bank is laying people off. In theory it’s laying them off from fixed income sales and trading. It’s strange, therefore, that many of the people who’ve…

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ bankers weep at lavish lives of Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci. Bad news for bonuses

Barclays is no longer an expansionary investment bank with pretensions on the global stage, but its former executives still have plenty of cash.

How Barclays is really trying to give its junior bankers an easier ride

Barclays is trying to make life harder for its junior bankers. Here are the full details.

How to get a banking job as a graduate from a university in Singapore or Hong Kong

Employers are increasingly targetting local universities when recruiting for graduate banking jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Morning Coffee: Barclays asks its juniors to name 3 nasty VPs and MDs . Goldman gave internship to client’s relative

If you want to badmouth senior bankers, Barclays is the place to be. And Goldman Sachs' internships may not always be awarded on a meritocratic basis.

Banks’ weird methods of attracting graduates

McKinsey has been lambasted for offering female MBA students manicures. Banks are running some strange student events too.

Morning Coffee: Barclays traders banned from debauched nights out. MBAs feel unfulfilled at work

Barclays traders are banned from ribald nights out with inter-dealer brokers. And don't do an MBA if you want your job to have meaning.

The role based pay at Barclays is quite enormous

The European Banking Authority wants to crack down on role based pay for bankers. That could cause upset at Barclays.

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