Company: Barclays

The essential skill that strikes fear into the hearts of investment bankers

Investment banks are increasingly signing their employees up to public speaking classes to ensure they can seal the deal.

Quants: The new risk takers of finance

Quants are increasingly shunning the relative security of highly-paid banking jobs and are looking for alternative, more risky, career paths.

RBC Capital Markets continues London hiring drive

RBC Capital Markets has been opportunistically poaching from rivals retreating from certain business areas.

Why banks are looking for their top developers in Eastern Europe

Where do top developers live these days? Try the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Which Masters in Finance courses will give you the best chance of securing a front office job in an investment bank?

Morning Coffee: Small investment bank boosts pay by 41%, naïve bonus bankers lose court case

One small investment bank has bolstered bonus payments after a good first quarter. Andrew Brogden and Robert Reid lose bonus court case.

Morning Coffee: Goldman, Barclays, UBS bankers deemed most attractive. Ex-JPMorgan banker sues own lawyer

Where should you work if you a) want appealing colleagues, b) want to be deemed appealing yourself? Try Goldman Sachs. Data from Hinge, a dating application, suggests that…

These are the people losing their jobs from Barclays investment bank now

Which Barclays jobs are most at risk as the investment bank flounders and restructurers? Are they really all in the FICC business?

Are European banks’ U.S. offices full of scoundrels and amateurs?

If you step into the New York office of a European bank, will you find a bunch of stinkers?

Which is the best bank to work for if you want to keep your job across the cycle?

Which is the best bank at stablising its revenues across the cycle? And does this really translate to higher job security anyway?

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