Company: Barclays

The shrewd career move of the trader who left Barclays for Morgan Stanley

Meet the trader who left Barclays as a trader a year ago and is now a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

Four investment banks that will be hiring in the Middle East in 2015

Investment banks had a good year in the Middle East in 2014, but few firms expanded headcount. This could change at these firms in 2015

What New York banks are telling employees about battling the snow storm

We reached out to all major banks in New York and asked them their policy and what they’re telling employees.

The best investment banks to work for in fixed income

Most banks have had a terrible time in fixed income in 2014, but which are the best options?

How much will you really earn as a graduate in an investment bank?

Graduate salaries in investment banks are already high. Recruiters say they're about to become even higher still.

Barclays’ guide to what’s coming for investment banks in 2015

We've already chucked the gauntlet at your feet and suggested that 2015 might be a pretty good year for anyone seeking out a banking job. Now leading investment…

Morning Coffee: Top J.P. Morgan banker explains why he likes staff uncomfortable. Mr. Fixed Income exits Barclays

Want to work in investment banking at J.P. Morgan? Don't expect to settle down. And Barclays' fixed income traders have lost their champion.

Hiring and firing in investment banking: The winners and the losers in 2014

All you need to know about the coming and goings at the major investment banks in London.

Morning Coffee: More musical chairs at Barclays in APAC

Barclays continues to reshuffle its upper ranks in Asia Pacific following several months of major headcount announcements in the region.

The “new” way of working that’s slowly starting to shake up banking careers in Asia

Private bankers in Asia may eventually find that their careers are focused more on providing financial advice and less on flogging financial products.

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