Company: Barclays

These are the people losing their jobs from Barclays investment bank now

Which Barclays jobs are most at risk as the investment bank flounders and restructurers? Are they really all in the FICC business?

Are European banks’ U.S. offices full of scoundrels and amateurs?

If you step into the New York office of a European bank, will you find a bunch of stinkers?

Which is the best bank to work for if you want to keep your job across the cycle?

Which is the best bank at stablising its revenues across the cycle? And does this really translate to higher job security anyway?

How the “fat bloke” turned marathon man reshaped his banking career

Steve Way's journey from smoker to marathon man is all the more remarkable because he had to sacrifice his banking career.

HSBC follows Barclays, RBS and cuts contractor rates by 10%

HSBC has become the latest large UK bank to cut rates for its temporary staff.

How investment banks are targeting fintech talent

Fintech start-ups are moving fast and poaching talent that would have previously gone into the banking sector. Here's how the banks are reacting.

Barclays’ investment bank: no longer worth zero, but fast becoming 2nd tier?

Not long ago, analysts calculated that Barclays investment bank was worth nothing at all. That's changing. But other things are getting worse.

Morning Coffee: Careers in finance that will still be hot in 2030. Citigroup investment bankers take control at Barclays

Which careers in finance will keep you employed for the next 20 years? James Gorman thinks he has the answer. And Citi bankers have mounted a Barc takeover.

31-year-old ex-Barclays trader finds ‘fun’ job in trendy new area of finance

Barclays' bankers are facing the chop. One ex-Barclays trader has unearthed an exciting new place to work, with beer and ping pong.

Morning Coffee: Barclays tries new method of behavioural modification. Deutsche Bank analysts call FICC recovery

Barclays' compliance staff are to be at the forefront of a whole new attempt to bring its recalcitrant bankers under control.

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