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6 things you didn’t know about Jeff Urwin, the new co-head of investment banking at Deutsche

Who is Jeff Urwin really?

Did J.P. Morgan just forbid some staff from having full profiles on LinkedIn?

Rumour has it that JPM's technology staff are about to become harder to find on LinkedIn.

Average pay in RBS’s investment bank? £197k. Here’s who’s safe

RBS's investment bank doesn't pay too badly, actually.

Morning Coffee: Wildly successful quant hedge fund manager wants innovators. Living with an M&A banker

What does it take to work for the hottest new quant hedge fund? And beware marrying someone who works in M&A.

The only chart you need to steer a sales and trading career

Productivity is the watchword in markets jobs today. As 'seat costs' increase thanks to higher investments in risk, compliance and technology, salespeople and traders are under pressure to…

Morning Coffee: Terrible times at RBS’s investment bank. Tax threat to UK bonuses

You know things are bad when the bank you work for will soon be run by a man best known for eviscerating entire business units and there are…

13 charts on the past, present and future of J.P. Morgan’s investment bank

J.P. Morgan is cutting costs. This is what you need to know.

Morning Coffee: Ex-UBS banker laments bonuses wasted on frivolities. HSBC’s sharing past

Keep track of your spending, or you will regret it when you're a freelancer (says one ex-banker). And HSBC was one big sharing community in the 1990s.

10 things you need to know about pay at HSBC’s investment bank

HSBC is roundly vilified in the press for the activities at its Swiss private bank. However, some of its staff are still handsomely paid.

Morning Coffee: 25 year-old banker typifies finance life crisis. Rothschild expedites bonuses

How does it feel to be a 25 year-old with a banking job? Troublesome, apparently. When are Rothschild bonuses paid? Maybe May, instead of June.

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