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Actually, Barclays is quietly hiring equity researchers and more

Barclays is demonstrating that hiring is not incompatible with firing.

Why you still need skill to be a junior trader in an investment bank

So you thought trading jobs in investment banks are now mindlessly easy? Think again.

Morning Coffee: James Gorman on ego and Morgan Stanley. Why Goldman Sachs bankers earn less than PE professionals

What sort of person must you be to please James Gorman at Morgan Stanley? And why is Lloyd Blankfein comparatively poorly paid?

How much you will earn as a VP and director in an investment bank

How high will your pay really be if you're a VP or a director in an investment bank?

Gigantic further cost cuts to come at Barclays’ investment bank. But pay is stable

£1bn more of costs may need to come out of Barclays' investment bank.

The most overrated jobs in investment banking

Now that most jobs in investment banks pay less than they did, but still require that people work as diligently as ever before, their appeal is waning. Everyone…

Morning Coffee: Man earns £1k per hour. Citi’s wild compliance hiring

An unlikely source of high pay in the City of London has emerged. And Citi has hired thousands and thousands of control professionals.

Have Barclays’ redundancies dried up ahead of results day?

Barclays has another 4,000 (or so) redundancies to go. But registered headcount in London is stable. What's going on?

Goldman Sachs-led instant communication platform, ‘Symphony’, is doing some big hiring

A new instant messaging platform supported by Goldman Sachs is hiring. Here's who they're looking for.

Morning Coffee: Bonus etiquette at Barclays. How retired 51 year-old ex-Goldman partners live

What is the proper way of behaving when you receive a large bonus at Barclays? Goldman Sachs' ex-head of UK M&A has reinvented himself as lord of a manor.

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