The 6 best front office banking jobs for the 2nd half of 2014

Which are the best banking jobs to go for in the second half of 2014?

Credit Suisse jobs: what’s safe, what’s not, why you should be worried now

Which Credit Suisse jobs are looking good and which are best avoided at all costs? And is the Swiss investment bank really getting any better?

Morning Coffee: Aspiring bankers pricing real bankers out of homes. Who wants to join JPMorgan’s hot new team?

Rich students who want to be bankers have more money than junior bankers themselves. And JPMorgan's hot new team is not as appealing as it looks.

UBS stands accused of eradicating senior bankers, replacing them with juniors

UBS redundancies are allegedly gathering pace, with senior staff first for the chop. Is the bank 'downgrading' - replacing senior staff with junior ones?

Banker’s dilemma: “I haven’t had a pay rise for 4 years and my only alternative job offer won’t pay the mortgage”

What can you do when you're on a £170k salary, you can't get a pay rise and no one will match it?

Ex-Goldman Sachs partner and senior banker at BAML also happens to be a personal trainer

What do you do when you stop being a top M&A banker? Luigi Rizzo, head of EMEA M&A at BAML is reportedly qualified as a personal trainer.

Morning Coffee: Where to find 8,500 more jobs, soon. When Goldman Sachs derivatives structurers go wild

If you're looking for a professional services job, try PwC. And if you want to join Goldman Sachs' strats group, try understanding this rates formula.

Top banker leaves UBS for HSBC. Why?

James Simpson, a senior M&A banker at UBS, has quit for HSBC. So, what makes HSBC so appealing?

Eton educated chocolate heir seeks job in City of London

In a sign that even family connections might not get you a job in banking, Leander Cadbury, heir to the Cadbury fortune, is still looking.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs? Or Morgan Stanley? The crazy patience of coverage bankers

Goldman Sachs jobs? Or Morgan Stanley jobs? This week's results have helped make a case for Morgan Stanley. And don't work in M&A if you're impatient.

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