Meet some of Morgan Stanley’s new London analysts

What does it really take to get an analyst job at Morgan Stanley? Here's a sample of some of their recent hires.

Six learnings from Deutsche Bank’s ‘Unofficial Guide to Banking’

Deutsche Bank is promoting its 'Unofficial Guide' to banking careers. The guide makes some interesting claims.

Morning Coffee: Bad news for traders at RBS. How Goldman Sachs is better than Deutsche

RBS traders have reason to be very apprehensive. And a new metric in which Goldman Sachs excels has been identified.

Google’s simple formula for resume success applies especially to finance

Looking for a resume template that applies to every finance job? Try this from Google.

Are your 20s wasted in banking?

With the benefit of hindsight, will you regret sacrificing your 20s to a banking career?

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan’s quiet layoffs. Goldman Sachs’ Q3 results will look better than they are

JPMorgan has been making some stealthy redundancies in the front office ahead of bonuses. And don't be deceived if Goldman's FICC revenues rise 40% in Q3.

Want to work on Blackrock’s Aladdin system? Here’s who we think they’ve just hired

Blackrock's Aladdin system is one of the most widely used and longest established pieces of risk management technology. Want to work on it? Here's who gets hired.

Investment banks’ interview questions – the ultimate list

Which investment banking interview questions should you always anticipate? Bank-by-bank, we have the definitive list.

Morning Coffee: Do you want to work in Hong Kong now? Bill Gross’s last straw

Bankers in Hong Kong have had a shock over the weekend. Will the region's allure fade for expats? And, Bill Gross just couldn't resist....

Student finance careers events and competitions for the week ahead

Are you a student who wants to work in finance? These are the events you should be looking at in the week ahead.

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