Career Quiz: Should you quit your banking job for a startup?

Are you thinking of leaving your banking job for a startup? You may be horribly deluded. Take our career quiz to find out.

Private equity juniors increasingly toiling for benefit of their highly paid bosses

So you thought a private equity fund would be a caring, sharing employer? Think again.

Goldman Sachs just hired someone from Lidl

Goldman Sachs careers are not always as prescribed as they seem. One analyst just joined the firm after most recently worked for supermarket chain Lidl UK.

Morning Coffee: How to get a job at Brevan Howard now. Could repo traders bring down banks?

Things have been going wrong in the repo market. Could this be the site of the next financial crisis? And Brevan Howard may not want you now.

How M&A bankers describe themselves on their resumes

We looked at resume examples from M&A bankers all around the world. This is how they describe their special characteristics.

The A Level results achieved by bankers at Goldman Sachs, JPM and Morgan Stanley

It's A Level results day in the UK. Are three As really enough to get you into top investment banks?

Goldman Sachs jobs suddenly filled with outsiders (from Bank of America)

In the past few years a lot of Goldman Sachs bankers have gone to Bank of America. Now Goldman is getting its own back, sort of.

Morning Coffee: How to become a famous equities analyst, aged 27.  Bill Gross’s nemesis now hiring

How can you get your investment opinions heard just 3 years after you've left university? And, do you want to work for ex-Pimco man Marc Sneider?

5 questions you must never ask in an interview with Goldman Sachs

You have a Goldman Sachs interview. You're thinking of asking some clever, involved questions that demonstrate your brilliance. Don't.

How long does it really take to pass CFA Level III?

You want to pass CFA Level III. How much of your life must you give up really? A lot.

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