MBA, CFA or other? Top qualifications in Asian private banking

You want to work in private banking in Asia. Will an MBA or a CFA serve you best? Or should you be doing a Masters in Wealth Management?

This is the standard of students who get a job at Goldman Sachs Greater China

Want to work for Goldman Sachs in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong? You'll need to be good.

An MBA is better than a CFA if you want to make MD in banking

Should you do an MBA or a CFA if you want to make it in investment banking? If you intend to reach the top, one qualification stands out.

What it takes to get an investment banking job in Hong Kong

Competition for graduate investment banking jobs in Hong Kong is getting more intense than ever. Here's what you need to do to get one.

You failed CFA Level I. But how close were you to passing?

What does your CFA Level I fail mean exactly? The CFA Institute offers some advice on interpreting your score.

Looking for a new finance job in London or on Wall Street? Here’s who you’re up against

The annual exodus is underway. The current poll on our home page suggests that as far as work is concerned, 35% of you are "deeply uninterested and inclined to…

How old is too old to be bothered with the CFA exams?

Are you too old to take CFA exams in your 30s? At which point does the strain of studying outweigh any potential benefits to your career?

The training you need in 2015 to boost your banking career in Asia

If you want to give your banking career a lift in 2015, these are the skills that banks in Singapore and Hong Kong will be seeking.

Guess which qualification will get you a job in a hedge fund

You want a hedge fund job. What's the best qualification for that? You'll be surprised (or not).

Freakish occurrences from the CFA Level I exam on Saturday

The CFA Level I December exam has just taken place. What went on in the exam rooms?

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