You failed CFA Level I. But how close were you to passing?

What does your CFA Level I fail mean exactly? The CFA Institute offers some advice on interpreting your score.

11 things LBS’s new employment report tells you about using an MBA to break into banking

Are MBAs turning off investment banking? Yes, but it may be stabilised.

Looking for a new finance job in London or on Wall Street? Here’s who you’re up against

The annual exodus is underway. The current poll on our home page suggests that as far as work is concerned, 35% of you are "deeply uninterested and inclined to…

How to get a product job in Asian asset management

Asset management firms in Singapore and Hong Kong will be hiring more product specialists this year. Here's who they want to recruit.

How to change banking jobs in Asia without losing too many clients

Moving private banking jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong is tricky unless your clients come with you. Here's how to keep them on board.

Banking interview questions: ‘What does the ECB’s QE mean for markets?’

You're in a banking interview and you're asked about the European Central Bank's policy of quantitative easing. What do you say?

The highs and lows of being a hedge fund accountant

With all jobs in financial services, there is the good - and the bad.

Three ways the State of the Union address will affect bankers

President Obama said a few things that may eventually have an effect on Wall Street and certain bankers in particular. Goldman M&A bankers may be sweating.

CV Clinic: Is this the perfect graduate CV for an investment bank?

You want a graduate job in an investment bank? Is your CV as good as this?

The seven ways consulting firms assess candidates

When a case study interview is completed, consulting firms will ask themselves several questions to assess the candidate’s ability to do the job.

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