Eight tips for coping with interviews when you’re introverted or socially awkward

How can you cope with high-pressure interviews in the financial sector if you have an introverted personality?

Felix Baumgartner offers this advice to finance professionals on taking risks

Last month, Felix Baumgartner turned up at Goldman Sachs to talk about risk taking. What did he tell the GS bankers? He shares the wisdom with us.

Ten shrewd questions that will tell you whether you’re in the wrong career

Is a finance career right for you? Should you be doing something else or are you fine where you are? These questions will help you decide.

Common wealth management interview questions and how to answer them

Here are behavioral questions wealth managers have asked and been asked, along with some tips on how to answer them.

How to combine teamwork with ruthless selfishness to progress your investment banking career

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. There are a few in ‘managing director’ and ‘chief executive officer’ though. Investment banks won’t let you through the door unless you can…

Eight interesting ways in which recruiters in Asia work differently from those in London and Wall Street

Here is an eight-step guide to getting recruiters to get you a banking job in Singapore or Hong Kong.

Telltale signs your job may be on the chopping block

While there may not be much you can do to prevent being laid off, it’s important to listen to the tealeaves. Here are a few signs your job may be in peril.

The new rules for succeeding in an investment bank

The rules of the game have changed. Now that investment banks are not just about P&L, succeeding in the industry requires far more nuanced talents.

Six tips for making the most of a job you want to quit, but can’t

You want to quit your job, but can’t. A combination of a foundering job market, reliance on big pay packets and the risk of taking a new position…

Real-life interview questions asked of current Goldman Sachs employees

Goldman Sachs has dedicated significant time and manpower to improving its recruiting efforts since the economic crisis. Part of that was the launch of its new career site,…

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