This is why you need to change your banking job every five years

Don't spend too long in the same job. You will regret it. Here's why.

How to have a happy home when you work in banking

A successful career in banking need not be inimical to a happy home life, but you will need to work at it. Here's how.

Invaluable advice for bankers in their 30s, from bankers in their 40s

You work in banking and have made it through your 20s. How can you ensure that you survive the next decade too? Bankers in their 40s advise...

Nine ways to snare a job in Singapore’s three expanding local banks

Singaporean banks are expanding their headcounts and increasing their ability to attract the best candidates. Here's how to get a job at a Singaporean bank.

Nine careful ways to refuse a counter offer in Asia without burning bridges with your boss

Nine careful ways that bankers should refuse a counter offer in Asia without burning bridges with their boss.

Eight awesome answers to the most critical interview question in Asian banking

If you’re looking to move to Asia for a new banking job, be well prepared for the crucial job-interview question: “Why do you want to move?”

The candidates in Asia who spam 50 identical emails to 50 recruiters at the same firm

Mainland China is still a candidate-led job market in which finance professionals are frequently enticed to change companies. But job searching in the PRC is by no means…

Six questions you should prepare to answer in any junior trading interview

We can’t tell you the exact questions that you will be asked when you sit down in an interview for a trading position: that will depend not only…

How to destroy your finance career in years one to five

There’s a phrase for the people banks want to hire now. It’s “first bouncers,” or maybe even “second bouncers,” meaning people who’ve spent a few years in banking&

Recruiters confess the real reasons they ignore your resume

You’ve sent your CV off for a gazillion jobs and you’ve had an equal amount of automated responses. Something tells you humankind is overlooking your job applications. Why?…

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