Character traits employers want to see in their interviewees, country by country

How well you perform in interview depends very much on the country you interview in. These are the character traits employers are looking for.

Complain as they may, bankers don’t quit over long hours

Despite all the recent rhetoric, it appears that grueling working hours aren’t the reason bankers wave the white flag.

The jobs you’ll most likely get with CFA qualifications. And the companies you’ll most likely work for

You've got a CFA qualification, but which bank is most likely to hire you? And into which business area?

When bankers burn out: sifting through the ashes

How burned out are banking professionals? Less than you'd think. But some areas of the financial services industry are far worse for burnout than others.

As an intern, when can you go home at night?

So, when is it appropriate to call it a night? Is it as simple as going home when the day’s work is done? The short answer is no.

“Burnout is like the subprime crisis – no one ever sees it coming”

If you work in banking, beware burnout. It will hit you unawares says one trader who was forced to take a year out.

How to present your strategic ideas like a McKinsey consultant, James Gorman edition

As an ex-McKinsey & Co. partner and CEO of Morgan Stanley, James Gorman is a master of the PowerPoint presentation. Learn from his example.

“I was managing a $100m hedge fund, and then I became an alcoholic. Is my career over?”

Heavy drinking is common in the trading and hedge fund industry. Will an admission that you had a problem wreck your career?

Banking CV clichés you must definitely avoid, by job function

While most financial services professionals must now surely be savvy enough to avoid generic CV clichés like “entrepreneurial”, “innovative team-player” or “dynamic problem-solver”, there’s

How to pass CFA Level I when you’re seriously panicking with one week to go

There are seven days left to revise for CFA Level I. What should you do if you're seriously behind?

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