The Six Personality Traits of a Successful Wall Street Trader

Goldman Sachs traders posted losses on just six days during the second quarter. They booked more than $100 million in profits on 10 days. Needless to say, there’s…


Want Job Security? Jump the Street to the SEC. It’s Hiring

The merits of stricter regulations on Wall Street can and will be argued over the coming years. What can’t be debated is the number of compliance and regulatory…

Bright ideas will help you get a job (Image via Wikipedia)

How to get a finance job in Hong Kong

Out-of-work bankers in Hong Kong who lost their jobs in the aftermath of the global financial crisis should adopt a more creative approach and flexible mindset if they…

Het perfect social media profiel (Foto:

Seven ways a bad photo can stop you getting a job

A Frankfurt photographer tells eFinancial Careers how bankers can get the perfect LinkedIn profile photograph.

Consulting firm

Deloitte’s Hiring Consultants: How to Land the Job

Wall Street is getting leaner. The job security isn’t there, nor is the same level of financial upside. The Big Four, meanwhile, keep getting bigger. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG…


Brutally Honest Advice for Wall Street Interns

We’re in the heart of intern season, which means thousands of bright-eyed college and graduate students are putting in the hours, setting themselves up for long distinctive careers…


Obvious and obscure ways investment bankers can win jobs on the buy side

As Wall Street and City big banks shave off staff and shutter units amid shrinking profit margins and trading commissions that have been driven down by dwindling market…

banker on the beach

Banking on the beach: best gadgets for working and playing on vacation

A lot can happen when you’re away from the office. J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon was on vacation when the London Whale scandal hit the press. It can…

Private equity is growing in Africa

From Lagos to Luanda: private equity’s next big job market is Africa

When Mark Mobius talks, markets listen, and Templeton Asset Management’s executive chairman has tapped private equity in Africa as the route to the continent’s economic growth. The septuagenarian say

Indonesia's economy may be threatened by restrictive labour laws (Image: Wikipedia)

Indonesia’s laws mean few jobs for foreign finance workers

The World Bank last week took Indonesia’s 2013 growth forecast down a notch for the second time this year. But the economy is still set to expand 5.9%…

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