10 questions to ask before you quit your current finance job

Your finance job is as mundane as a queue for a Grande Latte. But does that really mean you should find another one?

Burned out junior bankers in Hong Kong start looking for an escape route

Some analysts may enjoy the Gatsby party lifestyle, but for most young bankers there, long hours and work pressure are more of the stuff to deal with.

Eight leading indicators that your banking job is killing you

Your banking job may be boring. It may be exhausting, stressful, all-consuming and fraught with the sort of political machinations better suited to an episode of Question Time,…

How to be humble when you’re 25 years old and earning $150k

As a junior banker, you could be earning £100k a few years after leaving university. Don't let that go to your head.

How junior traders mess up and misconstrue what’s required of them

Think you're a hotshot junior trader? Think again.

10 phrases which subtly suggest you’re powerless at work

There's more to workplace power than a corner office and standing with your hands on your hips. Don't say this if you don't want to diminish your stature.

How to break into the investment banking cliques

Investment banking cliques are part of life. Being on the outside can ruin your career.

Veteran banker’s advice: accept a counteroffer and you will always be resented

When should you accept a counteroffer? Never, says this veteran banker.

Exit interview advice: Keep your mouth shut!

The exit interview aspect of the quitting process is often overlooked. Too many use it as an opportunity to air their personal grievances.

Bankers beware, conduct outside the office could get you barred

If you work in the City of London you can now be barred from working on the basis of bad behaviour in your private life.

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