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Seven golden rules for an epic investment banking career at one firm

There’s a popular perception in investment banking that to keep earning and keep learning you need to move jobs every five years or so. Staying put is stagnating,…


Fitness, naps and meditation: The science of becoming a better fund manager

To gentlemen portfolio managers like Neil Woodford, Richard Woolnough and Anthony Bolton – who are magnets for client assets and earn millions a year – or hot shot…


Reasons why recruiters reject you, and how to stop this

Despite talk of an improved job market, it’s still tough to make a new career move, particularly as investment banks continue to roll out redundancies in the wake…

Go now, before it's too late

Six signs you have to quit your banking job in the next six months

Your bonus is (probably) in the bank. Should you stay? Should you go? Are you still ‘learning in your job’? Are you still climbing the corporate edifice? How…

Beware pleasantly tepid water.

This is why you need to change your banking job every five years

In the past few weeks, several long-serving, highly-settled bankers who had become part of the fabric at the firms they’d worked for moved on. Take Blythe Masters, who…

How to achieve the idyll

How to have a happy home when you work in banking

A happy banking career may seem inimical to a happy life at home. People in banking work notoriously long hours. Divorce is not unheard of. Nor is addiction…

When networking, less is more

Eight golden rules of networking to help your career over the next decade

Networking is integral to career progression, not just to encounter potential mentors at in-house hob-nobbing events, or putting out feelers to contacts when you feel the time is…

From one middle-aged lion to another

Invaluable advice for bankers in their 30s, from bankers in their 40s

A few weeks ago, we ran an article about the psychologist specializing in the problems of 20-somethings who’s been lecturing analysts and associates at Goldman Sachs. ‘Don’t think…

Don't let your career opportunities dry up

Eight ways to avoid walking into a terrible career move

For the first time in over three years, the job market for financial services professionals is looking healthy and many people, who would often have endured more work…

Don't go there

How to destroy your finance career in years one to five

There’s a phrase for the people banks want to hire now. It’s “first bouncers,” or maybe even “second bouncers,” meaning people who’ve spent a few years in banking&

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