Getting into private equity

“I applied for 2,000 jobs before getting directly into private equity”

So you want to work in private equity (PE) straight out of university? You'll be lucky. The traditional route into private equity involves doing your time at a…

Finance job

How to secure a new finance job before August

Banks can take 6 months+ to make hiring decisions. How do you get them to extend you a job offer before the end of summer?


The ultimate guide to investment banking internships in Hong Kong

If you are a student in Asia with aspirations make it in Asian investment banking, this is what you need to know.

Banking CV

Six scientifically validated tricks to make recruiters love your CV

Your CV is filled with keywords and clearly states your achievements. You're still getting nowhere. So, try this instead.

Recruiters in Asia shocked as candidates stick selfies on CVs

Recruiters shocked as junior bankers stick selfies on CVs

Junior finance professionals in Asia are trying to stand out to recruiters by attaching selfies to the top of their resumes. Recruiters aren't impressed.

13 clichés to avoid when describing yourself on a CV

13 terrible clichés to avoid when describing yourself on a CV

Here’s how not to describe yourself when you're drafting your financial services resume.

Screwing up your internship

15 ways you’ll screw up your banking internship

Want a job at the end of your banking internship? Don't do this. Or this. Or this.

Tips for emailing recruiters

11 steps for achieving remarkable results when emailing recruiters

Here’s how to write a so-called “speculative” email to a recruiter who could clinch you a new banking job in the near future.

Banking resume

What if you’re wrong to focus on improving your résumé?

A new book argues that you're wrong to spend too much life on 'résumé virtues.'

Banking CV

The 9 worst things to include on your banking CV

We assume that you want recruiters to take you seriously. Don't do this, therefore.

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