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These are the qualifications that will get you a financial services job in the UK today

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Back in January, we looked at the financial services qualifications that were most in demand in the UK, and the jobs you could do with them.

Two months on, some things are unchanged: based on job adverts on eFinancialCareers, ACAs are still the most in-demand qualifications in the UK, followed by ACCAs, followed by CIMAs.

Other things have changed, however.

Most notably, the number of jobs on offer for people with the two main accounting qualifications has fallen. However, opportunities for CFAs, MBAs and MScs have risen quite significantly – with MBA openings up 42%, for example. Vacancies requiring the IMC are up 60%.By comparison, project management jobs requiring Prince 2 are down nearly 50%.

For information on the jobs you can do with these qualifications, click here. 

Qualifications in demand in the UK now


Comments (7)

  1. This is a very informative article, it is good to know that employers are recognising professional qualifications. Prior to the credit crunch it seems that there was too much emphasis on your network or experience.

  2. This is a rather pointless and unhelpful article. It’s a bit late now telling people they should have become accountants. It’s like telling doctors they should have become dentists.

  3. such a good news as i am ACCA student. but have to make some work experience by audit or accounting firm for the part qualified to gain practical knowledge besides of study.

  4. Do not be female. Especially do not be a female of childbearing age. Do not be over 40. Do not have the relevant experience, savvy, nous, chutzpah or intellect. You’ll be a threat to your line manager.


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