This is the standard of students who get a job at Goldman Sachs Greater China

Negative events have not deterred bright youngsters from working for GS, including many Chinese students. We profile some young Chinese bankers at GS.

How to become a graduate commodities trader at BP

Most people know BP as an oil and gas company, but BP is also one of the largest physical traders of oil and gas in the world. Last…

The best UK schools for working in ‘finance’

These are the best schools for carving out a career in finance.

Look, Zaoui & Co. is taking on interns

One of the most illustrious new M&A boutiques is hiring juniors.

The qualification enhancing private equity job prospects

The number of MBAs going into private equity is on the decline, so why are more companies hiring graduates with a Masters in Management?

Seven internships and counting as I aim for a graduate asset management job

It can take multiple internships and more to get on the right track to securing a graduate asset management job, says NUS Investment Society president.

Meet nine new graduates who have been hired by Citigroup’s markets division

What it takes to get hired by the markets division of a large US investment bank.

Are you temperamentally suited to M&A, trading, operations, research or risk?

Does your investment banking job really suit your temperament. Take the quiz and you will find out.

Bankers in Asia “stuck” mid-career as firms fail to build leaders

There's a shortage of leadership skills at banks in Asia, with mid-ranking Asian bankers finding it tough to move up, says INSEAD professor.

This Citi leveraged finance analyst has exceptional experience as a waiter

Yes, you worked as a waiter before you joined a global investment bank. But did you work as a waiter here?

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