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How to start a career at Deutsche Bank in Asia (even with an arts or science degree)

Want to begin your career at Deutsche Bank in Singapore or Hong Kong? The firm's regional graduate recruitment manager explains who she wants to hire.

Regulators offering high pay and career progression to private equity professionals

Private equity professionals are being lured across to financial regulators, supposedly for higher pay.

Seven things you need to do now to boost your compliance career in Asia  

If you’re looking for a new compliance job or a promotion, here are some of the career trends that you need to know about.

Morning Coffee: First more compliance jobs in Asia, now more legal jobs

Compliance isn't the only regulatory-related role that is sought after in Asia.

How to get a banking job in Asia if you don’t already work in banking

Here are some banking jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong that are open to non-banking candidates.

These £100k City jobs are now incredibly plentiful, allegedly

Want to earn six figures working in the City of London? Recruiters say this is where all the hiring is.

Morning Coffee: Ex-Goldman banker called in McKinsey. – Here’s what they found. Why traders need to work in tech

The consultants have consulted. McKinsey & Co's report on the Bank of England has been made partially public. Summoned by former Goldman Sachs banker Mark Carney when he…

Morning Coffee: Asian compliance jobs boom not cooling in fourth quarter

A continued flow of compliance jobs from HSBC and Standard Chartered is boosting the employment market in Singapore and Hong Kong in Q4.

HSBC’s compliance binge and how you can get a 6 figure compliance job

HSBC has been doing some big compliance recruitment. How can you get in on the compliance jobs boom?

The banks now offering well-paid compliance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong

Private banking is fast emerging as one of the best sectors to clinch compliance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong

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