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The banks now offering well-paid compliance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong

Private banking is fast emerging as one of the best sectors to clinch compliance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong

Carmen Segarra’s Goldman Sachs Lesson: Buy This Spy Pen

Had Carmen Segarra, the ex-Fed examiner who spent 7 months at Goldman Sachs, not recorded her conversations, no one would have believed her.

Compliance jobs in banks: High pressure, high reward

This compliance recruiter says compliance jobs have changed beyond all recognition over the past ten years. Here's what you need to know.

London bankers fear drunken misdemeanours will make them unemployable

The Financial Conduct Authority is cracking down on London bankers' misdemeanours - even when they're completely unrelated to work.

The finance professionals in Singapore and Hong Kong who turn down big pay rises

Candidates for compliance jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong can often pick up big salary rises, but many are saying no to the best-paid compliance roles.

25 finance jobs that combine a six-figure salary with job security early in your career

Taking a high-paying job in investment banking is all very well, but it's nothing without job security. Here's an extensive list of finance jobs that pay six-figures, but offer a greater degree of career solidity.

The 11 most desirable skills in financial services now

These are the skill-sets that recruiters searching for banking and finance talent are looking for in 2014.

Hiring spree causes big headcount rise in one department, but profits plunge at Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered's legal and compliance team has expanded over the last 12 months as revenues have fallen at the bank.

Risk and compliance jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia: what you need to know

Banks are struggling to find candidates for a wide range of risk and compliance jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

Banking pay: Are you expecting too much for doing too little?

How will you know if your banking pay expectations are out of control and likely to make you unemployable?

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