The brinksmanship in compliance recruitment

Compliance in banking is, of course, a hot place to be. But recruiters are having to get more cunning during the recruitment process.

Investment banking analysts have a 20% chance of making it to managing director

What are your chances of making it into the senior ranks in investment banking? Not bad, actually.

Morning Coffee: The inexperienced bankers on $175k. Goldman Sachs’ mistake

Next time someone informs you that investment banking has fallen out of favour with young people, and that young people want to become financial technology ('Fintech') professionals instead,…

14 tips for turning an operations internship into a full-time job

If you’re toiling away as an operations intern this summer, here’s how to make sure your bank ends up offering you a full-time role.

Actually, Morgan Stanley is hiring more in equities than fixed income

So you thought Morgan Stanley might pick you up if you lose your job in fixed income? You might be wrong.

Deutsche Bank just delivered this verdict on the best banking jobs as we go into the 2nd half

Are you looking for a new job in investment banking? You're in luck, as long as you're not trying for a job in asset backed securitization (ABS) or…

Six scientifically validated tricks to make recruiters love your CV

Your CV is filled with keywords and clearly states your achievements. You're still getting nowhere. So, try this instead.

Why I quit my Credit Suisse trading job for a fintech start-up

This Credit Suisse trader left investment banking after it stopped being fun to launch a fintech start-up.

Six of the more amazing accounting jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong now

How to find Asian accounting jobs that are both stimulating and sought after.

The best university in China for getting a job at Goldman Sachs

Successive Goldman Sachs CEOs have given speeches at China's Tsinghua University. Why is that?

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