Échec ou réussite au CFA : Et après ? Les bonnes stratégies à adopter

Les résultats de l'examen CFA viennent enfin de tomber. Quel que soit le verdict, faut-il faire une pause ou enchaîner les révisions ?

The 70 private equity firms most likely to pay you carried interest

A breakdown of the most consistently performing private equity companies.

Intern diary: I asked for a letter of recommendation and was told to write it myself

The first thing you will learn during banking internships is that busy managers will get you to do the grunt work yourself.

Meet the tool that may actually improve the work-life of junior bankers

But there now may be a new hope on the horizon for junior bankers – one that doesn’t rely on lukewarm promises but on efficiency.

Lloyd Blankfein says you must be humble and neurotic to work at Goldman Sachs

Are Goldman Sachs jobs for bold, brash, corporate combatants? Or are they for neurotic, bearded-types who worry about the limits of their own knowledge. Try the second. Lloyd…

“I retired from banking aged 37. Now I’m 40. This is how I would have designed my life“

What does it take to achieve the perfect banking career - in at 20 and out at 40? We spoke to one man who did precisely that.

Investmentbanking rettet UBS-Ergebnis: Bei den Vergütungen regiert indes der Rotstift

Während das Investmentbanking bei der UBS an Stärke gewinnt, schwächelt das Wealth Management. Die Vergütungen entwickelt daher recht unterschiedlich.

Eight things you should know about UBS and Deutsche’s Q2 results

UBS and Deutsche Bank have both reported their second quarter results this morning. Eight need to knows about pay and hiring in their investment banks.

Von sprudelnden Gewinnen im Investmentbanking der Deutschen Bank bekommen Mitarbeiter wenig ab

Mit einem Vorsteuergewinn von über 900 Mio. Euro überraschte das Institut die Analysten. Die Mitarbeiter müssen hingegen die Gürtel enger schnallen.

Morning Coffee: Morgan Stanley juniors have been feeling underpaid, overworked and frustrated. Rush to staff-up in ECM

Morgan Stanley junior bankers have had grievances. The bank has acted to stem them. And the booming IPO market is prompting banks to reshuffle ECM teams.

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