Equities hiring in Hong Kong: more blip than boom

Why Google hasn’t hired any ex-bankers for its investment arm

Google Ventures has opened in London. Ex-investment bankers are excluded.

Six things you need to know if you want to get a tech job at Goldman Sachs

Here are a few suggestions on what you'll need to score a tech job at Goldman Sachs.

Bring your earplugs: more depressing news for bond traders

After suffering through a tough year, fixed income traders were finally having a good couple of months. Well, that just got ruined

How to get a graduate job at Morgan Stanley

What does it take to get an entry-level job at Morgan Stanley? The bank's firmwide head of graduate recruitment offers some insights.

Nine exciting new finance firms that might hire you

These new hedge funds, asset management firms, boutiques and private equity firms have launched in the last two months.

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ bankers weep at lavish lives of Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci. Bad news for bonuses

Barclays is no longer an expansionary investment bank with pretensions on the global stage, but its former executives still have plenty of cash.

The “big three” banks that keep on hiring in Singapore and Hong Kong

Citi, HSBC and Standard Chartered are still generating plenty of corporate banking jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong, despite exiting some Asian markets.

Credit Suisse hiring across regions, Deutsche scarfing up wealth managers

In the latest hiring roundup, Credit Suisse is hiring investment bankers, BlackRock eyes fixed income growth and Deutsche Bank is adding on wealth managers.

JPM, MS, GS, Citi and BAC’s guide to the three hottest banking jobs of late 2014

Which banking jobs will be best in the final months of this year? Based upon U.S. banks' results, here's our prognostication.

Hey young banker, working on that spreadsheet. You’re important

Consider this inspiration for all the twenty-somethings toiling away as analysts and associates at big banks.

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