Fear grips senior investment bankers, who refuse to budge

Investment banks' HR teams are complaining about a "lack of liquidity" at the top, as senior staff refuse to leave for fear of not finding a new job.

The perfect trader: cold and compassionless

Being a great trader requires you to leave your heart and compassion at home,

RBS results: What do they really say about RBS bankers’ jobs and pay?

Its RBS results day. Shares are up 14%. But there are some hidden nasties for people in RBS's ever-changing investment banking division.

Potentially nasty job cuts coming at Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is extending its cost-cutting programme, which is bad news for jobs.

Neues Sparprogramm der Deutschen Bank bedroht über 8000 Jobs

Laut Medienberichten will das Institut ihr laufendes Sparprogramm um 1,5 bis 2,5 Mrd. Euro aufstocken. Bedroht dürfen vor allem Jobs in Operations sein.

Morning Coffee: Ex-Citi trader’s guide to spotting talent in schools. Where to work in finance if you hate sharing

How can you spot a future banker in the school playground? And if you hate sharing and are wondering where to work in finance, try here.

Carrières en banque : le jeu en vaut-il encore la chandelle ?

Beaucoup de professionnels de la finance sont tentés de jeter l'éponge. Pourquoi ? Et pour quel type de reconversions ?

One woman’s career journey from back office banking to ING boss in Singapore

Catherine Low explains how she started her career in the back office and ended up as the boss of ING in Singapore.

Are European banks’ U.S. offices full of scoundrels and amateurs?

If you step into the New York office of a European bank, will you find a bunch of stinkers?

Die peinlichsten Interview-Situationen, die mit einem Jobangebot belohnt wurden

Peinlichkeiten sind in Vorstellungsgesprächen noch schlimmer als im alltäglichen Leben. Hier einige ganz besondere Fälle, die mit einer Jobzusage endeten.

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