Something’s up in Citi’s European equities team

Last month, Citi's CFO indicated his disappointed with the performance of Citi's European equities business. Guess what happened next?

Would you take a step back in your career to join J.P. Morgan?

Commodities traders are facing a tough time, but is it worth taking a demotion to join a more stable platform?

What happens to Renshaw Bay now that Bill Winters is joining Standard Chartered?

Bill Winters is taking the reins at Standard Chartered. What happens to employees of the boutique he was running before this?

Two emerging skills that banks in Singapore are searching for right now

Mandarin isn’t the only second language that’s increasingly sought after at banks in Singapore – Indonesian and Japanese speakers are now on their radar.

6 things you didn’t know about Jeff Urwin, the new co-head of investment banking at Deutsche

Who is Jeff Urwin really?

Morning Coffee: Singapore to lose FX jobs to Hong Kong? CIMB cuts 50

Hong Kong is revising its tax regime in a bid to overtake Singapore as a hub for FX jobs.

Did J.P. Morgan just ask some staff to amend profiles on LinkedIn?

Rumour has it that JPM's technology staff are about to become harder to find on LinkedIn.

Average pay in RBS’s investment bank? £197k. Here’s who’s safe

RBS's investment bank doesn't pay too badly, actually.

Following your boss to his nice new hedge fund? Think twice

Investment banking traders may follow a big name when they start their own hedge fund, but with so many folding it appears to be a big gamble.

Eight giant hiring trends you need to know about in the Year of the Goat

Hiring in Asia may be picking up as the Year of the Goat begins, but the banking job market isn't the same as it was 12 months ago.

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