Morgan Stanley explains why fixed income traders will never get paid again

So you thought fixed income salaries and bonuses were only temporarily depressed? Look at the chart below (taken from Morgan Stanley's giant new banking report). Weep. Back in…

Everything you thought you knew about finance careers is wrong, by Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's giant new report on the future of investment banking blows away some of the accepted wisdom on what's coming for the industry.

Top UK hedge fund also appears to have rolled out a LinkedIn ban

Financial services firms appear to be clamping down on employees revealing too much about themselves on social media.

Eight banks hiring in Hong Kong and Singapore right now

While there's no general boom in banking jobs in Hong Kong and Singapore, some firms are adding new headcount. Here’s our pick of who’s hiring.

Morning Coffee: Yet another Chinese bank ramps up recruitment in Hong Kong

Huatai Securities is hiring more bankers as it heads towards a Hong Kong listing.

Three charts saying you should work in asset management instead of banking

Pay in asset management is rising faster than banking, the deferrals are less and the industry is more stable. What's not to like?

Another sign that pay has plummeted for Barclays bankers on Wall Street?

With Skip McGee out of the way, has something bad happened to pay on 7th Avenue?

Why you might not want to earn $150k+ in compliance

Compliance jobs look exciting. Until you read this.

It makes no sense to go into consulting instead of banking

McKinsey or Goldman Sachs? Goldman Sachs, it seems.

The top five most desirable skills in fintech now

These are the fintech skills that recruiters are looking for now.

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