Why this UBS MD left a seven-figure salary to start a fintech firm

Stu Taylor quit UBS to start his own fintech firm. Now, the gamble is starting to pay off.

The truth about motherhood and Goldman Sachs

Sonia Pereiro-Mendez painted a troubling picture of motherhood at Goldman Sachs. But is it really that bad? It depends what you want as a parent.

Global investment banks are still doing some big hiring in Asia

So you thought the Asian hiring boom was over? Not exactly.

The hottest banking jobs for 25-year-olds in Asia right now

Your scope for moving banking jobs in your mid-20s depends on which part of the sector you’re in. Here's where to work.

Morning Coffee: UBS and Credit Suisse to clash in new battle for Asian bankers

The recruitment war between UBS and Credit Suisse in Asia is set to become even more intense this year.

How to survive as a trader in age of robots

Robots are coming for finance jobs. Here's how to protect yourself.

Credit Suisse has hired 400 people for its investment bank, and other conclusions from its Q1 results

Most divisions within Credit Suisse's investment bank were down, but headcount was up by more than most of its rivals.

The 20 top life hacks of successful bankers

How can you work in investment banking and have a life? A large selection of bankers told us how it's done.

Expats in limbo in Asia’s banking sector as localisation takes hold

Why long-term Western expats in Asia are now finding it tougher than ever to clinch new banking jobs.

How private equity firms are poaching from banks in China

China's PE sector is booming. People are moving from foreign banks to PEs. While the moving comes with many benefits, money-making is never guaranteed.

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