Is Deutsche Bank now overpaying its junior bankers?

Deutsche Bank is the best paying bank for juniors. It may not last.

Standard Chartered paying up to $150k over the odds for support staff in Asia

Why is Standard Chartered still being very generous to its middle and back-office managers?

What it takes to become a risk manager

What does it take to become a good risk manager? A mid-ranking risk manager at J.P. Morgan shares his thoughts.

Morning Coffee: Rise of the hybrid IBD/commercial banking job in Asia

Senior managers who can foster greater cooperation between different divisions may soon become more in demand in Asia.

Horror of the new UK bonus rules

You received a bonus seven years ago. Fully vested, it's fully spent. And now it's being clawed back. Time to sell your house?

Senior bankers are still departing Barclays’ investment bank

More senior bankers are heading to the door at Barclays as it implements 7,000 job cuts in its investment bank.

The 30-something bankers are not alright

Money worries, job insecurity, and existential crises. What ails bankers in their 30s?

13 terrible clichés to avoid when describing yourself on a CV

Here’s how not to describe yourself when you're drafting your financial services resume.

Investment banking analysts in China are flooding out to private equity

Investment banking analysts at global firms in China are leaving in droves as private equity firms expand.

Morning Coffee: Eight things to know about overseas jobs at Singaporean banks

If you want a job at a Singaporean bank you increasingly have more options outside of Singapore.

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