Citigroup continues to hire for commodities

Citigroup, which has expressed its desire to expand its commodities sales headcount, has made another significant hire.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs? Or Morgan Stanley? The crazy patience of coverage bankers

Goldman Sachs jobs? Or Morgan Stanley jobs? This week's results have helped make a case for Morgan Stanley. And don't work in M&A if you're impatient.

The tricky but glamorous career change making a comeback in Asian banking

Priority bankers are once again being recruited into the Singapore private banking sector to help private banks tackle talent shortages.

The raw, funny truth about being a trader in the US, Europe and Asia

For a behind-the-scenes (and hilarious) look, we turned to Wall Street trader-turned-stand-up-comedian Raj Majal.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s head of leverage finance quits 

Bank of America's head of leveraged finance, David Ross, has left the bank.

Morgan Stanley demonstrates the art of getting more out of staff while paying them less

Morgan Stanley has continued to pare back pay even after posting a significant uptick in profits.

HSBC follows Barclays, RBS and cuts contractor rates by 10%

HSBC has become the latest large UK bank to cut rates for its temporary staff.

Goldman’s tertiary business is starting to make some noise

Goldman Sachs, like some other Wall Street banks before it, is positioning its investment management unit as “the centerpiece of its growth strategy."

11 tips for junior bankers to excel in their first year on the job

Investment banking analysts will go into the industry full of confidence, but gnarled veterans explain how they need to behave if they want to survive.

Where in the world do senior investment bankers earn more? It’s not where you think

Senior investment bankers in London now earn less than those in Frankfurt. Can this be true?

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