How to get a job on Wall Street without rich parents and an Ivy League education

I landed my first banking job in 1995 after 104 rejections. That opportunity gave me a chance to work on Wall Street, which was all I wanted –…


Fitness, naps and meditation: The science of becoming a better fund manager

To gentlemen portfolio managers like Neil Woodford, Richard Woolnough and Anthony Bolton – who are magnets for client assets and earn millions a year – or hot shot…

The housing market gamble

How bankers on less than £100k are playing the London housing market

The London housing market is a feverish thing. In the past year, prices in the City have risen 18% to an average of £363k ($609k). In the most up-and-coming…


Meet the two sources that outed @GSElevator

The story of John Lefevre, author of the infamous @GSElevator Twitter account, has been a fascinating one to follow. The latest chapter is no less disappointing. Media outlets had chased Lefevre’s&hel

Pay for associates in M&A

Here’s how much you can earn as an associate in M&A, city by city

Thanks to recruitment firm Dartmouth Partners, we already know how much you can earn as an analyst working in investment banking in the City of London. But how…

Enthusiastic about control hiring, still.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan details where it’s hiring 000s. Perfect background for a career in HFT

Want to work for JPMorgan? That’s good – if you want to work in the bank’s technology or control divisions. It’s less good if you want to work…


The 90 most-important seconds of a banking interview

If MBAs excel at one thing in particular, it’s preparing for an interview. Top business schools work tirelessly to mold their students into interview machines. MBAs memorize case…


Reasons why recruiters reject you, and how to stop this

Despite talk of an improved job market, it’s still tough to make a new career move, particularly as investment banks continue to roll out redundancies in the wake…


High frequency trading firm nearly triples pay to over $925k a head

High frequency trading firms have been under a lot of scrutiny since the publication of Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys last week, prompting ongoing debates over unfair advantages and…

Sajid David, banker no more

All you need to know on Sajid Javid, banker turned culture secretary

As of this morning, Britain has an ex-banker as its culture secretary. Sajid Javid, banker (ex) has been promoted to replace Maria Miller, who resigned after a big…

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