Barclays just hired this European equities trader from Millennium Capital Partners

Barclays just bolstered its equities team with a hedge fund hire.

Fear of layoffs, relocation, pervades J.P. Morgan’s tech team

Banned from having full profiles on LinkedIn, J.P. Morgan's technology staff are fearful of losing their jobs or being moved to less desirable locations.

Rothschild paid its UK bonuses early this year – in case Ed Miliband won

Rothschild's London bankers got an election-inspired treat.

Working mothers propping up flagging Singapore contract market

Financial services professional who took time out to raise children are reinventing themselves as contractors.

CFA exam prep, the ultimate guide

Want to pass the CFA exams? Here's how existing first time charterholders, CFA coaches and the Institute itself suggest you go about it.

The 10 strangest jobs banks are hiring for now

Want to work in executive protection for Goldman Sachs in Russia? How about the night shift at J.P. Morgan in Bangalore?

KPMG wants to be kinder to its junior accountants

Are you a junior accountant who's looking for a nice nurturing employer? Try KPMG.

What the UK election means for London banking jobs

Will the UK election help or hinder the City? That depends what kind of job you're doing and what kind of time span you're looking at.

How 30 year-old bankers became the most sought-after on the Street

Not long ago, vice presidents in investment banks were in a bad spot. Now, some of them are the most desired bankers in the business.

Morning Coffee: How to quit UBS IBD aged 30. Ex-Deutsche rates salesman finds new job after 2 years

What do you do if, having thought investment banking was for you, you reach the age of 30 and suddenly decide that it isn't and another career is…

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