Something’s up in Citi’s European equities team

Last month, Citi's CFO indicated his disappointed with the performance of Citi's European equities business. Guess what happened next?

Average pay in RBS’s investment bank? £197k. Here’s who’s safe

RBS's investment bank doesn't pay too badly, actually.

What junior bankers are like at 4am

In any other industry, you'd be asleep, In IBD things only get going at midnight.

The only chart you need to steer a sales and trading career

Productivity is the watchword in markets jobs today. As 'seat costs' increase thanks to higher investments in risk, compliance and technology, salespeople and traders are under pressure to…

The essential skill for any investment banking analyst in Hong Kong

If you want to get hired by an investment bank in Hong Kong, you need one key skill on your resume – Mandarin.

13 charts on the past, present and future of J.P. Morgan’s investment bank

J.P. Morgan is cutting costs. This is what you need to know.

Mysterious staff leakage at Macquarie Capital in London

Macquarie Capital is supposed to be growing its headcount in London. Why are so many people leaving then?

China tries to lure trading talent home for burgeoning new market

With the launch of options trading in China, a new type of investment professional is needed. Experienced overseas Chinese are in demand.

Ex-Goldman Sachs and ML bankers think creativity is more important than qualifications at expanding firm

An international private equity firm founded by ex-Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch bankers is hiring. Academic excellence isn't a prerequisite.

Credit Suisse has been hiring for its investment bank. UBS hasn’t. Here’s what that means for you

Looking for a career at Credit Suisse or UBS this year? Based upon their recent hires, you may be out of luck.

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