10 phrases which subtly suggest you’re powerless at work

There's more to workplace power than a corner office and standing with your hands on your hips. Don't say this if you don't want to diminish your stature.

Banks across Asia scramble to hire for this hot skill-set

Tightening of local regulations and more requirement to focus on control means banks across Asia are looking for more anti-money laundering staff.

New figures show women make better traders than men on every metric imaginable

New data suggests that women make better traders than men on every measure imaginable. So, why aren't there more of them?

Investment banks in Asia cutting traders, hiring in M&A

Banks in Asia are cutting jobs. But some are recruiting too, on different desks. Recruiters and headhunters have different views on this.

10 finance jobs in Asia with the biggest pay rises

HR firm Robert Walters reveals the finance jobs with the biggest pay rise in East Asia. We compare figures across Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The 3 most in-demand banking jobs of 2015

Want to be pursued by banks waving cheques in the year ahead? This is where you need to be.

How Goldman Sachs compares with JPM, Citi and BofA

Who is the finest of them all?

Asian bankers expecting bonuses to drop, except in wealth management

The bonus season kicks off without too much encouraging news. Bankers in Asia are not expecting a fat figure. Some would be happy if things don't get worse.

What’s really going on in Citi and BofA’s investment banks?

Looking for a career at Citi or Bank of America? This is what you need to know about their investment banks.

Lost your job in fixed income? Look who may hire you

Does your job in fixed income feel shaky? Are you uncertain what 2015 has in store? Fear not - a bank with a mandate to hire is waiting in the wings.

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