6 jobs you probably don’t want as Deutsche Bank becomes Barclays

Deutsche Bank is about to pursue a strategy that sounds remarkably similar to Barclays'. You might not want to work in these jobs if so.

The truth about motherhood and Goldman Sachs

Sonia Pereiro-Mendez painted a troubling picture of motherhood at Goldman Sachs. But is it really that bad? It depends what you want as a parent.

Global investment banks are still doing some big hiring in Asia

So you thought the Asian hiring boom was over? Not exactly.

How private equity firms are poaching from banks in China

China's PE sector is booming. People are moving from foreign banks to PEs. While the moving comes with many benefits, money-making is never guaranteed.

What GS, JPM, MS, BAC and C say about your banking job in 2015

Which investment banking jobs are hot in 2015? Which aren't? And are the job cuts really over?

Why this could be an ‘easy’ year for getting into at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs just did something very unusual in the first quarter. And it's good news if you want to work there.

You must be working for the right bank before you’re 30

Banking career paths have changed. You now need to get into a top bank before you turn into a pumpkin.

How middle-aged bankers are cut adrift in China

When bankers reach 35 in China without hitting the senior ranks, they face the choice of stagnation or quitting.

MBA, CFA or other? Top qualifications in Asian private banking

You want to work in private banking in Asia. Will an MBA or a CFA serve you best? Or should you be doing a Masters in Wealth Management?

The small investment bank paying huge bonuses

CICC is handing out bonus of up to 48 months' salary, potentially to retain staff, after a few years' revenue decline that led to an exodus of executives.

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