Which universities and business schools did Goldman, JPM and others target this year?

Which universities and business schools have banks been trying to hire from in 2014?

Wall Street or Silicon Valley? Which is best for a technologist?

Do you want to work on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley? These are the points you need to evaluate whilst making your decision.

Upset as FX traders anticipating bonuses now face pay destitution

A few weeks ago, FX traders in London were daring to hope. Yes, the prospect of fines related to FX fixing loomed, but thanks to September’s increased volatility…

Recruiters say British bankers are lazy and monolingual

Given the option, U.S. investment banks in London would rather pass on native British hires. Continental Europeans are their recruits of choice. “Britons are a dying breed in…

Brevan Howard and BlueCrest – hedge funds and staff ‘churn’

Top hedge funds pay well, but jobs there can be short lived. Do you really want to join Brevan Howard or BlueCrest when you might be out within a year?

Meet 8 new analysts at Barclays Investment Bank. What makes them special?

Do you want to work for Barclays' Investment Bank? What kinds of people does it really hire onto its graduate programme?

The top banks in fixed income sales, trading, research in 2014

So you want to work in fixed income sales, trading, or research for a bank in Europe? Where is best? Where is safe? Where is growing its market…

What it is to work in investment banking, by a director at Deutsche Bank

Do you want to become an investment banker? Here's what the role entails, by a senior Deutsche Banker who quit his start-up for IBD.

HSBC’s compliance binge and how you can get a 6 figure compliance job

HSBC has been doing some big compliance recruitment. How can you get in on the compliance jobs boom?

Barclays’ strategy backfires as role-based pay hits £111k per head

Do you want to work for Barclays now? Things don't seem to be going to plan, but you can collect some generous role-based pay.

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