Barclays’ strategy backfires as role-based pay hits £111k per head

Do you want to work for Barclays now? Things don't seem to be going to plan, but you can collect some generous role-based pay.

Morning Coffee: How to walk into a job at JPMorgan. Ex-Citi exec complains of lewd photocopies

Which kinds of people will find it easiest to get work at JPMorgan now? And one ex-Citi and BAML banker has disclosed poor behaviour from her colleagues.

Morning Coffee: Why ex-Goldman bankers are joining Deutsche. UBS hiring here

Is Deutsche Bank becoming the destination of choice for bankers who are leaving Goldman Sachs? And who will UBS be hiring in 2015?

Morning Coffee: Unlikely bankers earning £320k aged 33. ‘Banker’ attacks men who told him to cheer up

Who earns £320k before they reach 35 in banking? You'd be surprised. And, do you know this man?

Morning Coffee: Who Goldman Sachs is bursting to hire now. All you need to know about the stress test

Goldman Sachs has disclosed its new target group. And here are the stress tests, digested.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan banker makes freakish job move. Goldman man explains interview secret

An equity researcher at JPMorgan has made an unusual lateral move. And what is Goldman Sachs looking for when it interviews you?

Meet the ex-Goldman banker on a quest to change the way children use social media

An ex-Goldman Sachs banker has grown a beard and is attempting to change the way people use the internet. Here's how.

Morning Coffee: The best European bank to work for? Barclays bankers may not be the only ones abstaining

UBS has been supplanted as analysts' favourite investment bank in Europe. And Barclays may not be the only bank asking its staff to curtail their evenings out.

Why did Barclays just lose all these IBD juniors in London?

Barclays Investment Bank is laying people off. In theory it’s laying them off from fixed income sales and trading. It’s strange, therefore, that many of the people who’ve…

Morning Coffee: What makes JPMorgan’s junior M&A bankers weird. When analysts marry MDs

JPMorgan's junior bankers are 'product agnostic'. This is what that means. And a famous analyst has married a less famous MD.

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