How sales jobs in investment banks fell out of fashion

Now is probably not the time to hold a traditional voice sales job in an investment bank.

“Trust me the City is NOT rotten to the core! These FX fiddlers are just mindless and selfish”

It's time for bankers to oust the criminals in their midst, says City of London veteran David Buik.

“The optimal age in banking is 28″

Why do banks persist in prioritizing the young? Ageism in banking is rife.

Eight career and life lessons from Goldman Sachs’ new co-chair of investment banking

Alexander Dibelius is unheard of in English speaking countries, but he's a rock star banker in Germany, Here are his career lessons for getting ahead at Goldman Sachs.

Why finance professionals can’t afford their children

Deep in Cobham, a leafy Surrey town within commuting distance of London, Samantha, the American wife of a City finance professional is weighing how best to bring up…

Why you shouldn’t get excited about Goldman Sachs’ results – unless you’re a student who wants to work there

Goldman Sachs results suggest the bank had an exceptional third quarter. Dig deeper, however, and there's a different story.

6 things JPMorgan and Citi’s results say about your banking job

JPMorgan and Citi have released their third quarter results. Here's what they say about the state of banking pay and employment.

Which big U.S. bank best suits your personality?

Are you best suited to the understated competitive excellence of a Goldman Sachs or the mannered conservatism of a Morgan Stanley?

The cover letter template that will get you a job in banking

Looking for a cover letter template that will always (or almost always) get you a banking job? This is it.

So, what will Yann Gerardin do to jobs at BNP Paribas?

Yann Gerardin has just assumed the post of chief executive at BNP Paribas's Corporate and Investment Bank. The bank is said to be doing some big hiring.

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