Finance professionals in Asia fear “slacker” tag if they ask about work-life balance at interviews

Finance professionals in Asia are increasingly after a better work-life balance, but they don’t like asking for it during job interviews.

Deutsche Bank just issued these charts telling you where to work in sales and trading

Looking for trading jobs? Deutsche's analysts just issued these helpful tables suggesting the best products to trade according to market conditions.

Deutsche Bank’s verdict: Bankers are becoming part of the ‘squeezed middle’

Deutsche Bank's analysts have just issued a giant report on the future of banking. They think banking is a growth industry. But bankers won't benefit.

US investment bank’s massive hiring pledge; junior bankers in dire need

In the latest hiring roundup, Sun Trust makes a huge investment banking pledge, Credit Suisse celebrates with leveraged finance hires and Blackstone gets hedgy.

How to secure a big data job in investment banking

Investment banks are starting to recruit for big data roles, but predictably are being incredibly selective.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs’ grave mistake. 29 year-old with best job in finance

Goldman Sachs made a mistake which could wipe out up to 20% of its first quarter profits. And bankers in London and New York should envy this 29 year-old.

The landmark deal generating finance jobs in Hong Kong

A mutual-access stock-exchange deal is set to generate finance jobs in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The financial services firm that absolutely insists on an MBA from a top business school

Pimco is hiring lots of MBA graduates from the most prestigious schools - even for roles in sales.

Asset managers’ graduate recruitment numbers on the rise

Asset managers have been increasing their graduate intake for 2014 as investment banks cut numbers. They are also receiving many more applications.

Five finance jobs that recruitment agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong find incredibly hard to fill

Recruitment agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong describe the most difficult finance job vacancies they've worked on recently.

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