How to secure a big data job in investment banking

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs’ grave mistake. 29 year-old with best job in finance

Goldman Sachs made a mistake which could wipe out up to 20% of its first quarter profits. And bankers in London and New York should envy this 29 year-old.

The landmark deal generating finance jobs in Hong Kong

A mutual-access stock-exchange deal is set to generate finance jobs in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The financial services firm that absolutely insists on an MBA from a top business school

Pimco is hiring lots of MBA graduates from the most prestigious schools - even for roles in sales.

Asset managers’ graduate recruitment numbers on the rise

Asset managers have been increasing their graduate intake for 2014 as investment banks cut numbers. They are also receiving many more applications.

Five finance jobs that recruitment agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong find incredibly hard to fill

Recruitment agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong describe the most difficult finance job vacancies they've worked on recently.

Morning Coffee: Citi belatedly pays allowances to 600 people. Blackstone’s hot trading jobs

Citi has reasserted its reputation as the bank to work for if you want to get paid in cash. And Blackstone is hiring.

Bankers should be at Burning Man. Or not

Burning Man starts Monday. All it lacks are bankers.

The do’s and don’ts of being a Wall Street trader

Here is (an admittedly tongue-and-cheek) look and some of does and don’ts on being a Wall Street trader.

Why London bankers on £250k ($415k) are poor, redux

New stats confirm it: bankers' disposable incomes have plummeted in the past decade.

Japanese banks may actually want to hire you – and you may want the job

For years, if you wanted a top job at a Japanese bank you needed to be two things: a man and Japanese. That has changed recently.

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