Ban may open up PwC for poaching war with Big Four rivals

The settlement won’t cripple the unit, but it could set off a chain of people moves within the industry.

25 finance jobs that combine a six-figure salary with job security early in your career

Taking a high-paying job in investment banking is all very well, but it's nothing without job security. Here's an extensive list of finance jobs that pay six-figures, but offer a greater degree of career solidity.

Banks eyeing foreign staffers as workforce demands outpace supply

U.S. firms are now employing two options to fill the gaps: overpaying for local talent and increasing their reliance on foreign workers.

Morgan Stanley’s ex-head of inflation trading now spending days cycling through the Alps

Morgan Stanley's head of inflation trading is now trying to make a new life as a cyclist.

Six resume phrases to grab the attention of recruiters in the Middle East

In the competitive Middle Eastern job market, these are the skills you must have to stand out from the crowd.

Morning Coffee: Banks demand Blackberry cold turkey, Google’s ‘toothbrush test’ excludes expensive investment bankers

Investment banks are demanding that their employees really take time off. Google's boss explains why he doesn't really use bankers.

FX hiring begins anew; demand for lenders outpacing supply

In the latest hiring roundup, a new U.S. bond fund needs a dozen staffers, FX hiring is back in vogue and a Canadian firm eyes London expansion.

Goldman Sachs adding jobs, improving work-life balance

If you are a fan of Goldman Sachs and hope to work there one day, last week offered some good news.

Why banks are looking for their top developers in Eastern Europe

Where do top developers live these days? Try the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Investment banks learn the benefits of sharing

The number of bookrunners on advising on IPOs is increasing as deal numbers and value also rise.

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