How to differentiate good and not-so-good recruiters

Why finance professionals can’t afford their children

Deep in Cobham, a leafy Surrey town within commuting distance of London, Samantha, the American wife of a City finance professional is weighing how best to bring up…

Once mighty trading capital falling on hard times

In the near future, there may be no traders at all who call Stanford home.

JPMorgan’s ex-head of equities finds perfect pseudo-retirement post

What's the perfect epilogue to a stressful banking career?

UBS hires new head of Euro rates trading from hedge fund

UBS has continued its recent fixed income recruitment spree by poaching a managing director from a hedge fund.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan banker makes freakish job move. Goldman man explains interview secret

An equity researcher at JPMorgan has made an unusual lateral move. And what is Goldman Sachs looking for when it interviews you?

Deadlines for MBA associate programmes at banks in Hong Kong and Singapore

Associate-level internship and full-time deadlines for MBA students looking for banking jobs in Hong Kong or Singapore.

Why JPMorgan bankers want to move from Park Ave., why they don’t

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons for bankers who would make the move west, if indeed J.P. Morgan inks a deal.

Meet the ex-Goldman banker on a quest to change the way children use social media

An ex-Goldman Sachs banker has grown a beard and is attempting to change the way people use the internet. Here's how.

Where Jamie Dimon is headed after his run at JPMorgan

From all indications, Dimon is shrewd and calculating, like all good CEOs, but comes off as a bit more human than some of his other rivals.

Traders resurgent. Bankers waning. Banks left wondering about strategy

The resurgence of fixed income trading and decline in deal-making has left banks looking behind the curve.

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