Bridgewater launches new hedge fund unit; Freddie Mac, Deutsche Bank quietly hiring

In the latest hiring roundup, Bridgewater is recruiting nerds, Freddie Mac is adding displaced traders and Deutsche Bank is quietly hiring in New York.

Have Barclays’ redundancies dried up ahead of results day?

Barclays has another 4,000 (or so) redundancies to go. But registered headcount in London is stable. What's going on?

The MBA courses that are most likely to lead to investment banking jobs

Which MBA courses placed the largest proportion of graduates into investment banking jobs in 2014?

Goldman Sachs-led instant communication platform, ‘Symphony’, is doing some big hiring

A new instant messaging platform supported by Goldman Sachs is hiring. Here's who they're looking for.

Asian PE firms cut 80% of candidates after one interview: here’s how to beat the axe

Looking for a private equity job in Asia? Here's how to get through the brutal interview process.

Morning Coffee: ANZ set to expand in private banking in Asia?

ANZ could be joining the growing list of firms looking to grow in Asian private banking.

Here’s how analysts can stop themselves being exploited by associates

Is your associate expecting you to work all weekend? Here's how to get around that.

Something’s up in Citi’s European equities team

Last month, Citi's CFO indicated his disappointed with the performance of Citi's European equities business. Guess what happened next?

Would you take a step back in your career to join J.P. Morgan?

Commodities traders are facing a tough time, but is it worth taking a demotion to join a more stable platform?

What happens to Renshaw Bay now that Bill Winters is joining Standard Chartered?

Bill Winters is taking the reins at Standard Chartered. What happens to employees of the boutique he was running before this?

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