Mystery as head of European trading and sales trading disappears from RBC

Where is Mark Sartori?

U.S universities more likely to impress banking recruiters

Investment banks target specific universities and attract subject students majoring in certain subject areas. But which is the best?

Where successful London bankers go for the Bank Holiday weekend

If you're having a barbecue, it must be Wagyu beef. If you're golfing, it must at Wentworth. If you're renovating a house, try the Cotswolds.

How to survive in the job market of 2025

Financial services organisations need to shake up their office space if they're going to retain talent.

UBS has started hiring traders again

UBS has focused on building its advisory functions, but more recently it's been bringing in traders.

Morning Coffee: Impetuous finance escapee finds self stranded in Devon. Deutsche Bank’s mistake

Has watching a TV programme made you want to leave your finance career? You may want to think twice after reading this.

You’re an intern at Goldman Sachs, here’s how not to annoy your new colleagues

This what can irk senior Goldman Sachs bankers about the juniors who come for the summer.

Nomura’s Wall Street push looks like a costly mistake

Nomura has spent the past few years building its business on Wall Street. Maybe it should call it a day?

How to make it to partner at Bain & Company

What does it take to get to the top in management consulting? One Bain & Company partner gives us the inside story.

RBS’s investment bank staff have six months to find new jobs

RBS is cutting 14,000 investment banking jobs in 2015, but when will these occur?

Morning Coffee: How anyone can get a job at UBS. Banking pay illusory for many

So you want to work for an investment bank but you have no investment banking experience? UBS will hire you, but on one condition. You can work for…

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