Evercore needs fresh MDs, Deutsche Bank hiring on both sides of the pond

In the latest hiring roundup, Deutsche Bank sets a massive hiring goal, Cantor looks to grow its investment bank and Evercore needs more grey hairs.

Pass or fail the CFA level I, this is what you should be doing next

You may have been lucky enough to be in the minority who pass CFA level I. If not, what's next?

Former Goldman Sachs interns reflect upon where it all went wrong

You're a Goldman Sachs intern and you don't get a job offer? What should you have done differently? And does it really matter anyway?

Shock as commodities hedge fund performs reasonably well

Commodities hedge funds have not being performing well, but Armajaro Asset Management, the coffee and chocolate specialist, has released robust results.

Morning Coffee: How to quit banking at 32 and still buy a £2m home. When Anshu Jain meets Deutsche clients himself

How can you quit banking after five years and still afford a £2m house in the Cotswolds? And why does Anshu Jain insist on meeting Deutsche clients himself?

Overworked Asian compliance pros turn backs on banking careers

Recruiters in Asia have noticed a recent increase in enquiries from compliance professionals wanting to leave banking for jobs in the corporate sector.

Career Crunch: Hot banking jobs for the second half, the low-down on Credit Suisse’s hiring plans

It’s reporting season for investment banks, with Credit Suisse the latest firm to unveil its Q2 results. We also cover career dilemmas for bankers created thanks to the EU bonus…

The biggest losers in the investment banking culture shake-up

If you are one of those senior executives who were let go, a harsh reality remains. If you think your previous experience is back in demand, think again.

Are you too paranoid to report mistakes on the trading floor?

Next time you make a mistake with a trade, will you tell anyone else on the trading floor? Or will you help it goes away quietly.

Fear grips senior investment bankers, who refuse to budge

Investment banks' HR teams are complaining about a "lack of liquidity" at the top, as senior staff refuse to leave for fear of not finding a new job.

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