Why you still need skill to be a junior trader in an investment bank

So you thought trading jobs in investment banks are now mindlessly easy? Think again.

Junior bankers in Asia too terrified to change jobs

For junior private bankers in Asia, moving to a new bank is getting increasingly tough as revenue pressures grow.

Morning Coffee: Another day, another 15 more banking job cuts in Singapore

Goldman Sachs has already cut 15 jobs in Singapore; now it's the turn of another firm.

The crafty yet brutal way bankers share bonus numbers

Some junior bankers have discovered a way of determining where you stand without divulging anything personally. The genius is in its simplicity.

How much you will earn as a VP and director in an investment bank

How high will your pay really be if you're a VP or a director in an investment bank?

Junior investment bankers’ commitment problem  

Investment banks are working harder than ever to retain juniors. The problem is, young bankers never had any intention of sticking around for long.

Gigantic further cost cuts to come at Barclays’ investment bank. But pay is stable

£1bn more of costs may need to come out of Barclays' investment bank.

The most overrated jobs in investment banking

Now that most jobs in investment banks pay less than they did, but still require that people work as diligently as ever before, their appeal is waning. Everyone…

The staff RBS wants to keep on in Asia are already looking for work elsewhere

Despite deep cuts to its Asian operations, RBS still needs to retain some staff in the region – this won't be easy.

What it takes to get an investment banking job in Hong Kong

Competition for graduate investment banking jobs in Hong Kong is getting more intense than ever. Here's what you need to do to get one.

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