The new investment banking super-stars happen to work in IT

Moves among senior technologists in investment banking are more prevalent now than at any point in the past five years.

M&A bankers enjoying inversion marathon while it lasts

M&A bankers are likely watching the tax inversion battle closely. The practice has been helping to line their pockets all year.

The essential skill that strikes fear into the hearts of investment bankers

Investment banks are increasingly signing their employees up to public speaking classes to ensure they can seal the deal.

Morning Coffee: Inside the cut-throat world of hedge fund trading

Chris Rokos made $900m during his time working at hedge fund Brevan Howard.

Banks in Hong Kong convert 60% of contractor jobs into permanent positions

Banks in Hong Kong are increasingly offering candidates contractor jobs to test their abilities before hiring them as permanent employees.

Bain’s new strategy on diversifying its candidate pool

The world’s top ranked advisory firm wants to broaden its recruiting reach beyond those that feel destined to be consultants.

15 finance firms that will be hiring in the final months of 2014

Here's our pick of the financial services organisations most likely to offer employment opportunities in the remaining months of 2014.

Investment banks use honey, money and worry in attempt to retain juniors

Junior bankers are being given uplifts in base salaries and top performers are getting bigger bonuses. But banks are also using threats to stop top performers leaving.

Quants: The new risk takers of finance

Quants are increasingly shunning the relative security of highly-paid banking jobs and are looking for alternative, more risky, career paths.

Morning Coffee: Goldman Sachs cutting at the top, bumping up at the bottom

Goldman Sachs is promoting the fewest number of partners since it went public in 1999.

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