Festive Distillation: £125k bonuses in the back office. Hard times at RBS. M&A bankers compelled to work harder than ever

It's Christmas ('holidays' if you're in the US). We've been operating a buffet-style operation (a little bit here, a little bit there), since Monday and won't emerge from the…

Ten books you should read over Christmas that will help your finance career next year

This reading matter will ensure you come back to the office full of practical knowledge to launch your finance career in 2015.

Telltale signs investment banking isn’t for you

We asked several former investment bankers when they could tell that the writing was on the wall– when they knew they’d be leaving the industry.

The best careers advice you can have for the Christmas period

It's Christmas. Does that mean it's time to put your job search on hold?

Escape winter but still work in finance: hot 2015 jobs in sunny APAC cities

Want to work in a tropical Asia Pacific city in 2015 and escape the pressure of a major financial centre? Here's how to get a banking job in the sun.

The 12 days of Christmas (the banking careers version)

How can you use 12 days over Christmas to transform your finance career prospects? Try this.

How investment banks will recruit and retain juniors in 2015

Junior bankers were the hot property of 2014, so how will investment banks hire and keep their analysts and associates in 2015?

How LSE student Haydn Pole landed 11 finance internships

Is there a technique for getting internships in finance? This student says there is.

Here’s who’s been hiring in high yield. Are they making a big mistake?

High yield markets have fallen off a cliff. But banks are still hiring. Is that a mistake?

Morning Coffee: The surname that will get you a job at Goldman Sachs? US bank hiring credit traders in London

Which family name will get you an 'in' with Goldman Sachs? And a US bank has come forward to recruit the traders leaving Deutsche Bank.

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