The nine best technology careers in Asian banking this year

Here are nine financial technology jobs that will be top of banks’ hiring and internal-transfer priorities in 2015.

Morning Coffee: Rise of the Greater China banking career

New developments highlight how Hong Kong-based banking jobs are becoming even more tied to the mainland market.

The highs and lows of being a hedge fund accountant

With all jobs in financial services, there is the good - and the bad.

Meet the incoming Goldman Sachs intern with 11 previous internships and 10 job offers

A new breed of mega-student is applying for junior jobs at investment banks. This is what you're up against.

Psychological techniques for persuading a boss that your bonus is inadequate

It's bonus time. The likelihood of getting a raise at this point in the cycle is slim. - But if you want to try, here's how to go about it.

Investment banks in Asia cutting traders, hiring in M&A

Banks in Asia are cutting jobs. But some are recruiting too, on different desks. Recruiters and headhunters have different views on this.

These five hedge funds have been hiring already in 2015

Hedge funds are continuing to take advantage of the trader exodus from investment banks.

10 finance jobs in Asia with the biggest pay rises

HR firm Robert Walters reveals the finance jobs with the biggest pay rise in East Asia. We compare figures across Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Bankers bolt from bulge bracket to boutiques in Asia

This year could see a record number of bankers move from large firms to boutique banks in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Where Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Citi, BofA and JPM will be hiring and firing in 2015

Know this if you're thinking of working for a US investment bank...

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