Credit Suisse hiring across regions, Deutsche scarfing up wealth managers

In the latest hiring roundup, Credit Suisse is hiring investment bankers, BlackRock eyes fixed income growth and Deutsche Bank is adding on wealth managers.

JPM, MS, GS, Citi and BAC’s guide to the three hottest banking jobs of late 2014

Which banking jobs will be best in the final months of this year? Based upon U.S. banks' results, here's our prognostication.

Hey young banker, working on that spreadsheet. You’re important

Consider this inspiration for all the twenty-somethings toiling away as analysts and associates at big banks.

Meet 11 new analysts and associates at Goldman Sachs. What makes them special?

Who did Goldman Sachs hire as analysts and associates for this year's big entry level intake? Here's a sample of the class of 2014.

The number of people employed in London’s financial sector now exceeds 2007…

Are the glory days back? The stats suggest so, but the make up of the UK financial services sector is changing.

Meet the hedge fund where anyone can work – as long as they have the talent

This new hedge fund has secured funding and allocating capital only to the most talented investors.

Morning Coffee: Erratic, controlling, fun, finance superstar now hiring. Morgan Stanley vs. Goldman Sachs

Is this the best or the worst boss in finance? And how does Morgan Stanley compare to Goldman Sachs after Q3?

Morgan Stanley proves it’s more than just a wealth manager

Morgan Stanley booked the best third quarter of any U.S. bank. Here are the key takeaways.

The most interesting Wall Street roles in a wild market

While investors are getting jittery, volatility in markets can be a good thing for some Wall Streeters.

Why an anti-EU immigration stance is disastrous for the City of London

The City of London has a lot to lose from the government's new hardline stance on EU immigration.

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