Company: HSBC

Here’s where the jobs are at Singapore’s seven most important banks

If you want a banking job in Singapore these seven firms should all be on your radar.

Did HSBC just become the last bank to hike juniors’ salaries?

Last month Deutsche increased salaries for its junior bankers. This month we understand that HSBC has (belatedly) done the same. Recruiters say HSBC just raised salaries for its juniors…

Morning Coffee: How to TRIPLE your salary in Hong Kong banking

Such is the demand for Hong Kong-based China research analysts that banks are doubling or even tripling base salaries to clinch candidates.

Morning Coffee: The great HSBC jobs exodus myth. Why 23 year-old bankers are nightmare employees

HSBC's HQ move could be a non-event when it comes to jobs. And 23 year-old bankers are very hard to keep.

Morning Coffee: The ultimate guide to why HSBC should move back to Hong Kong

Eight key reasons why HSBC is now seriously considering relocating its headquarters to Hong Kong.

These are the investment banks still hiring for jobs in Hong Kong right now

Looking for an investment banking job in Hong Kong? Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan are hiring – find out which other firms are too.

Morning Coffee: Why job seekers already see Stan Chart and HSBC as “Asian banks”

Would relocating their headquarters to Asia make candidates in the region think any differently of HSBC and Standard Chartered?

These are the investment banks you can work for if you don’t have a finance degree

Investment banks don't hire many liberal arts students, but some take on more than others.

Why Hong Kong bankers don’t want to work for Hong Kong banks

Corporate banking professionals in Hong Kong still prefer to work for large international banks over those headquartered in their city or in mainland China.

How to get a banking job at one of Hong Kong’s “big five” firms

If you want a banking job in Hong Kong, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, Heng Seng Bank, HSBC and Standard Chartered should all be on your radar.

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