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The five banks to apply to first if you want a middle-office job in Asia

The recruitment boom in Asian risk and compliance isn't as widespread as you'd think – only a handful of banks have ample middle-office vacancies.

Introducing the Most Frugal Trader of All-Time; A Bloodbath at HSBC

You're earning $100k+ a week. How much do you spend on clothing and lunch?

Morning Coffee: Four key areas where HSBC will be hiring in Asia

HSBC Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver has set out where the bank plans to expand in Asia.

Here’s what’s really happening to HSBC’s investment bank

HSBC is making 25,000 layoffs. But it's not all bad news for the investment bank.

Is FIG the worst sector group if you’re a junior banker?

If you're a junior in IBD, should you do everything you can to avoid being put in a FIG group?

Morning Coffee: BNP Paribas just dumped on its contract staff. Equities layoffs coming here

No longer just 'simple and efficient', BNP Paribas is reducing pay for contract staff. And one bank is going against the grain and cutting in equities.

Six charts explaining why HSBC shouldn’t slash its investment bank

A top banking analyst says Stuart Gulliver has little to gain from hacking at HSBC's markets business at next week's investor day.

Morning Coffee: 20,000 redundancies at HSBC? The real reason why you overwork

Is HSBC about to slash its investment bank? And are you working 11 hour days because you're trapped in this psychological game?

Morning Coffee: Why HSBC should NOT shift to Hong Kong, by UBS

Excited by HSBC potentially moving its headquarters from London to Hong Kong? Don’t be, says UBS.

Here’s where the jobs are at Singapore’s seven most important banks

If you want a banking job in Singapore these seven firms should all be on your radar.

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