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The new reality of getting promoted in an investment banking job

Investment banks have vastly changed their operating models, the types of people they hire and how they hand out promotions.

The top 25 Masters in Finance for getting a job in investment banking

Which Masters in Finance courses will give you the best chance of securing a front office job in an investment bank?

Risk and compliance jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia: what you need to know

Banks are struggling to find candidates for a wide range of risk and compliance jobs in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

Morning Coffee: Goldman’s hedge fund purge, where one bank now employs over 24,000 people

HSBC now employs over 24,000 people in risk and compliance functions. Goldman Sachs is making some big changes to its hedge fund business.

Morning Coffee: Fare-dodging fund manager unlikely to work in finance again, Goldman’s new challenge to Bloomberg IM

The notorious fare-dodging fund manager has been unmasked, fired and is unlikely to find a new job.

Career Crunch: Hot banking jobs for the second half, the low-down on Credit Suisse’s hiring plans

It’s reporting season for investment banks, with Credit Suisse the latest firm to unveil its Q2 results. We also cover career dilemmas for bankers created thanks to the EU bonus…

Fear grips senior investment bankers, who refuse to budge

Investment banks' HR teams are complaining about a "lack of liquidity" at the top, as senior staff refuse to leave for fear of not finding a new job.

Top banker leaves UBS for HSBC. Why?

James Simpson, a senior M&A banker at UBS, has quit for HSBC. So, what makes HSBC so appealing?

HSBC follows Barclays, RBS and cuts contractor rates by 10%

HSBC has become the latest large UK bank to cut rates for its temporary staff.

How investment banks are targeting fintech talent

Fintech start-ups are moving fast and poaching talent that would have previously gone into the banking sector. Here's how the banks are reacting.

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