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She's got four offers

Four banks that are recruiting in Asia and what this means for the job market

Banks are hiring in Hong Kong and Singapore right now; some are even shouting about it. A flurry of expansion announcements from banks over the past few weeks,…

Falling upon risk professionals at HSBC.

HSBC’s, super-profitable, strangely-generous investment bank pays chief risk officer $10m

It seems that HSBC is in possession of one of the most profitable large investment banks in the world. It also seems that HSBC pays its risk personnel…

The M&A MD's constant companion

Morning Coffee: Another big post-bonus exit from Goldman; precarious reality of life as an MD in M&A

Now that bonuses have been paid at U.S. banks, employees there are free to flee. As we’ve noted previously, several people have fled Goldman Sachs already – mostly…


Job Market Pulse: Deutsche Bank’s U.S. hiring drive, SocGen in fixed income push

As expected, hiring activity has picked up in 2014, with much of the focus on the U.S. and Asia. But U.K. banks are now staffing up too. With…


The one part of the world where investment banking is tipped to grow

Investment banks are starting to talk about expansion in the Middle East again, but it’s not in the places you might expect. While the large international firms get…

Brand building

Daily Dispatches – Employee branding comes to the fore in Singapore’s new recruiting regime

The full legal implementation of Singapore’s Fair Consideration Framework in 2014 will make employee branding more important for firms looking to attracting the best local talent. According to&hellip

Earning could drop to single digits in 2014

Daily Dispatches – China’s banks facing drop in profit to single digits

China’s state news agency Xinhua is reporting that the chief economist at the Bank of Communications Lian Ping has forecast net profit growth for listed banks at around 8.3% this ye

Further deforestation coming at Credit Suisse

Morning Coffee: More redundancies coming soon at Credit Suisse? Bad news for bankers holding out for salary increases

As of yesterday, any Credit Suisse fixed income professionals who thought their jobs were safe because they avoided last year’s cuts look sadly deluded. Credit Suisse was one…

And the medal for market share increases goes to...

These have been the best banks to work for in equities, FICC and IBD this year

If you work in equities sales and trading, fixed income currencies and commodities (FICC), or maybe just M&A, equity capital markets (ECM) and debt capital markets (DCM) –…


Seven finance firms looking to expand in the MENA region

If you want to find a new position in the Middle East and Africa these days, it’s worth looking beyond the bulge bracket investment banks. While many have…

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