Here’s how analysts can stop themselves being exploited by associates

Is your associate expecting you to work all weekend? Here's how to get around that.

How to land an internship at J.P. Morgan and turn it into a full-time offer

J.P. Morgan's head of campus recruiting offers some application and interview advice, along with tips on turning an internship into a full-time offer.

It’s the hot hiring season in Asia – here’s how to really stand out as a candidate

Competition for banking jobs in Asia is heating up after Chinese New Year and candidates increasingly need an "X factor" to convince banks to hire them.

The essential skill for any investment banking analyst in Hong Kong

If you want to get hired by an investment bank in Hong Kong, you need one key skill on your resume – Mandarin.

Why middle-aged men in banking are experiencing accelerated obsolescence and what to do about it

For the previous mainstay of the financial sector workforce – the white middle-aged man – it’s a perfect storm.

10 questions to ask before you quit your current finance job

Your finance job is as mundane as a queue for a Grande Latte. But does that really mean you should find another one?

Burned out junior bankers in Hong Kong start looking for an escape route

Some analysts may enjoy the Gatsby party lifestyle, but for most young bankers there, long hours and work pressure are more of the stuff to deal with.

The bank I want to join is firing people. Help!

If the job you want is at a bank that’s restructuring its Asian operations and making layoffs, here are the interview questions to ask.

Vulgarity, taciturnity and tantrums. The jeopardy of bonus season

Bonus size is the pachyderm in the room. Tread softly around it.

The 20 most hated office clichés in financial services

We talked to a group of bankers, traders, consultants and other financial pros to put together a comprehensive list of the most reviled office clichés.

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