The training you need in 2015 to boost your banking career in Asia

If you want to give your banking career a lift in 2015, these are the skills that banks in Singapore and Hong Kong will be seeking.

Guess which qualification will get you a job in a hedge fund

You want a hedge fund job. What's the best qualification for that? You'll be surprised (or not).

Freakish occurrences from the CFA Level I exam on Saturday

The CFA Level I December exam has just taken place. What went on in the exam rooms?

How to ensure you pass the CFA level I exams in December

The pass rate for the CFA level one exam in December is even lower than June. Here's how to ensure you make it through.

Will an MBA really help your career in finance?

It's that time of year. London Business School is inviting applications for its MBA programme. So is Harvard. So is Wharton. And so are countless other top MBA schools…

Where in the world do the top investment banks hire CFAs?

You have a CFA and want to work for a large investment bank? This is where you should base yourself.

What can you do now to pass CFA Level I? How to pass Level III? The Institute speaks

You want to get through the CFA exams. This is what the CFA Institute's co-lead of education suggests if you want to pass CFA I and III.

Five questions you’ll need to know the answer to if you want to pass the Series 7

While each exam has different questions, all cover the same general principles. Here are five questions you may see, along with the correct answers

Beyond the CFA and MBA: 13 other qualifications for jobs in banking

You want to break into banking. Do you really need to study the CFA or MBA to achieve that?

Will this qualification get you a £120k job in risk management?

Risk management jobs are hot and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Which risk management qualification will get you a job in the sector?

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