Ten types of candidates who will always fail to get an expat banking job in Asia

It’s tough to get a banking job in Asia these days unless you already have Asian experience – banks in Hong Kong and Singapore want to hire people…

Difficult question

Eight awesome answers to the most critical interview question in Asian banking

If you’re looking to relocate to (or within) Asia for a new banking role, be well prepared for the seemingly innocuous but crucial job-interview question that could make…


The six most common investment banking interview questions and how to answer them

For recent graduates, investment banking interviews are built on two main structures: personal behavioral questions and technical queries. As we’re told, the latter tend to be rather formulaic.&helli

Rejected (2)

Six questions you should prepare to answer in any junior trading interview

We can’t tell you the exact questions that you will be asked when you sit down in an interview for a trading position: that will depend not only…

Don't talk about your CV

Clever things to say and dramatic things to do at Asian banking job interviews

It’s post-bonus season in Asia – bankers are looking for new jobs, bankers are getting interviews, and both bankers and hiring managers are trying to out-do each other…

Never ask negative questions

The five questions that will convert your banking interview into a job offer

The flood gates have opened. The streets are awash with financial services employees who’ve decided they’d like a new job. According to recruitment firm Morgan McKinley, 8,300 new…

From barista to banker

How to get a job in banking when you’ve only worked as a barista

You’ve done all of the hard work for your degree, you’ve gotten a great mark and now you’re interviewing for a banking position. But then they ask you…

Interview panel

The six trickiest interview questions and how to answer them

While banking and finance interviews are typically littered with technical industry questions, it’s the more generic inquiries that tend to trip people up. “What didn’t you like about…


How to handle interviews with finance professionals who may have Asperger’s

The prevalence of people with Asperger’s Syndrome (also known as High Functioning Autism or HFA) in the financial services business is well-documented. Michael Burry, the blogger and trader credited

Waiting for job interview

Interview questions to expect if you ditch banking for Google, Yahoo or Amazon

A decade ago, most highly sought-after MBAs had their eyes on Wall Street. Now, many find themselves choosing between careers in finance and the thriving technology sector, which…

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