6 essential qualities a banker needs in a spouse

What must bankers look for in their wives or husbands? A senior banker's wife offers some advice.

So, here’s what jobs and pay look like at Goldman Sachs in London

Is London the best Goldman Sachs office to work in? Maybe. Here's why.

Private equity execs most likely to hire people similar to themselves

Want a job in private equity? It helps if you are from the same place as the people recruiting.

How one senior Deloitte partner juggles two jobs and two children

Emma Codd has twin daughters and juggles two senior roles at Deloitte. Agile working is essential for her career, but she believes that her arrangements should not be the exception.

How to become a graduate commodities trader at BP

Most people know BP as an oil and gas company, but BP is also one of the largest physical traders of oil and gas in the world. Last…

Morning Coffee: When and where to work for a US investment bank. Banking juniors should ask themselves this

Are Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley always best? And here's how to probe your choice of a banking career.

Credit Suisse hiring as wealth management goes digital

A new digital banking platform at Credit Suisse is helping hiring and making bankers work more efficiently.

Bank of China targets foreign expansion

Bank of China has been expanding overseas business quite quickly. It is in great need of talents all over the world. The recruitment won't stop.

How US, French, German and British bankers try to get ahead

Some are polite, some pragmatic, some vain, some aggressive. - What happens when an international group of 20 year-something bankers is together at 3am?

Why SocGen and UBS contain the most talented traders

The traders best suited to the new world order work for SocGen and UBS. Here's why.

How tech is helping fund managers battle the robots

Forget the argument of computers replacing human fund managers - the new trend is technology helping people find their edge again.

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