Morning Coffee: Top Goldman banker in London was an accountant. BAML accused of simplistic risk management

Can you move from accounting to investment banking? Simon Holden at Goldman Sachs suggests you can.

Morning Coffee: Who’s paying interns £6.2k a month? Who’s hiring ECM bankers now?

Where can you earn really big money as an intern? Forget banking. And a new 'advisory boutique' is being born.

Morning Coffee: How to make $m from Goldman without working there. Beware the £35k banking jobs

As Daniel Nadler, founder of big data platform Kensho, has demonstrated, you don't need to work at Goldman for the firm to make you rich.

Which universities and business schools did Goldman, JPM and others target this year?

Which universities and business schools have banks been trying to hire from in 2014?

Morning Coffee: How a 29 year-old got fired from Goldman Sachs after 2 months. Fixed income doom at BNP Paribas?

You’re 29 years old and you achieve your ‘dream job’ at Goldman Sachs in New York. Two months later it’s all over and your name is splurged across…

Morning Coffee: 46 year-old banker’s viral lament for wasted life. Where to get hired in banking now

A 46 year-old banker has written a dirge for his wasted life in finance while his family grew away from him. Private banks are hiring.

Wall Street or Silicon Valley? Which is best for a technologist?

Do you want to work on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley? These are the points you need to evaluate whilst making your decision.

Morning Coffee: Why Pimco pays. 260,000 people applied for Goldman jobs so far this year

What makes Pimco careers so lucrative? And how high is the competition for a job at Goldman Sachs really?

Morning Coffee: UBS buying out M&A bankers? Morgan Stanley hiking pay? Downside to Goldman partnership

It is a day of unexpected events. Firstly, UBS – which was said to be paying 30% to 50% below market rates to hire senior M&A bankers this…

Upset as FX traders anticipating bonuses now face pay destitution

A few weeks ago, FX traders in London were daring to hope. Yes, the prospect of fines related to FX fixing loomed, but thanks to September’s increased volatility…

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