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Here’s why Goldman Sachs’ London staff are paid so well

Goldman Sachs' salaries and bonuses are abnormally high in London. Why is that?

7 interesting graduate jobs in finance which are STILL OPEN for a 2015 start

If you haven't already applied for a graduate job, you're late. But it's not terminal. Banks still have these openings for students graduating this summer.

Morning Coffee: When your children accidentally destroy your banking career. Goldman traders still leaving for hedge funds

Children and financial services careers do not mix. And Goldman Sachs traders are still disappearing into hedge funds.

7 interesting people hired by Goldman Sachs, BAML and Morgan Stanley in March – and what they mean for you

You want to work for a major US investment bank. Here's who they're hiring now.

Do not do this in banking interviews

You don't want to mess up your banking interview. Don't do this then.

Morning Coffee: Meet Mark Bailie and Chris Marks – the new heads of RBS’s CIB. Hardest banking jobs in the world

Now that Rory Cullinan's gone, will RBS's new heads be slower to make job cuts? And Morgan Stanley is hiring for some very challenging research roles.

A detailed comparison of pay at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and UBS

Which top European investment bank pays the most, defers the least, defers for the shortest amount of time and is least likely to claw back your bonus?

Star credit strategist has mysteriously left UBS

Why did UBS's star credit strategist just disappear?

Morning Coffee: When husband and wife work in M&A at Goldman Sachs. Traders resurgent

What kind of lifestyle can you achieve when you and your spouse are both M&A bankers? And traders have had a good first quarter.

Unexpected incident of hiring at RBS’s investment bank

In an act of incongruity, RBS has just made a big hire into its investment bank.

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