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Why banks are full of elites. And what to do if you’re not one of them

If you want to work in banking, you'll need to be socioeconomically superior. And if you're not? Try this.

These are the 26 year-old IBD professionals Barclays wants now

Barclays is bolstering its UK coverage business. Here's who it's hiring now.

Morning Coffee: The great HSBC jobs exodus myth. Why 23 year-old bankers are nightmare employees

HSBC's HQ move could be a non-event when it comes to jobs. And 23 year-old bankers are very hard to keep.

Is Murray Roos saying something about equities jobs at Citi?

Citi just hired Murray Roos from Deutsche. Will Roos's arrival upset its existing equities team?

How to answer the interview question about the election and sterling

What happens to sterling on Friday? Look at this chart.

8 people finance recruiters desperately want but can’t find

Who are finance recruiters really excited about hearing from now? Why aren't you in one of those groups?

Morning Coffee: 32 year-old ex-JPM associate is Labour candidate. Deutsche Bank hired these 400 people since November

What do you do after being an associate at J.P. Morgan? And Deutsche Bank is hiring hundreds of people - just not where London bankers would like.

Mystery as head of European trading and sales trading disappears from RBC

Where is Mark Sartori?

Morning Coffee: Impetuous finance escapee finds self stranded in Devon. Deutsche Bank’s mistake

Has watching a TV programme made you want to leave your finance career? You may want to think twice after reading this.

You’re an intern at Goldman Sachs, here’s how not to annoy your new colleagues

This what can irk senior Goldman Sachs bankers about the juniors who come for the summer.

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