How to land an internship at J.P. Morgan and turn it into a full-time offer

J.P. Morgan's head of campus recruiting offers some application and interview advice, along with tips on turning an internship into a full-time offer.

It’s the hot hiring season in Asia – here’s how to really stand out as a candidate

Competition for banking jobs in Asia is heating up after Chinese New Year and candidates increasingly need an "X factor" to convince banks to hire them.

The bank I want to join is firing people. Help!

If the job you want is at a bank that’s restructuring its Asian operations and making layoffs, here are the interview questions to ask.

Banking interview questions: Why should banks fear a ‘Grexit’?

What do you say if an interviewer asks you what banks have to fear from Greece leaving the Eurozone? Try this.

What you need to know about venturing out into the private equity job market

A couple of years' experience in private equity is a lifetime compared to the hundreds of investment bankers trying to break in. Here's how you secure a new role

Five ways you can screw up a management consulting interview

We asked two current management consultants at top ranked firms to break down the biggest mistakes they see candidates make during interviews.

The body language that’s making you unemployable

Why have you been to multiple job interviews and had no job offers?[efc_twitter text=" Why do your interviewers look at you as if you're Nigel Farage?"] Why do…

Eight crucial questions that finance professionals in Asia must always ask recruiters

If you're meeting a recruiter in Asia this bonus reason, these are the questions you need to ask.

A step-by-step guide to acing informational interviews for investment banking

The point is to learn from them, gain their respect and try to leverage that relationship at a later point.

Banking interview questions: ‘What does the ECB’s QE mean for markets?’

You're in a banking interview and you're asked about the European Central Bank's policy of quantitative easing. What do you say?

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