Morning Coffee: ‘Average’ front office banking job now pays £600k. Where is Michele Foresti?

Average pay for ALL M&A bankers and traders in the City of London is nearly $1m, allegedly. And BofA's star hire is having a few problems.

Morning Coffee: Bizarre career change for banker at Citi. Scottish independence to fuel these City jobs

A senior trader at Citi has offered hope for FICC professionals who are fearful about their futures. If Scotland votes yes, here's who'll benefit.

Compliance jobs in banks: High pressure, high reward

This compliance recruiter says compliance jobs have changed beyond all recognition over the past ten years. Here's what you need to know.

Morning Coffee: A £500k job that will ‘destroy’ you. BofA cutting fixed income traders

BofA is cutting fixed income traders. And do you really want a £500k job where pernicious 'banter' is the norm?

JPMorgan suggests these front office banking jobs are best for 2015

Which banking jobs are going to be good for next year? JPMorgan's analysts have some suggestions.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Citi, Barclays all say things are getting better. 10,000 finance internships here

Good news for fixed income sales people and traders: banks are calling an end to their misery. And which firm takes on a crazy number of interns?

Morning Coffee: Jefferies, Barclays give juniors the upper hand. Senior bankers can’t get jobs, promotions

Junior bankers might want to get themselves over to Barclays or Jefferies. Both banks have just empowered their youngest employees.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan needs to pay its tech staff more. How to earn £100k in academia

JPMorgan's data breach has thrown the importance of top technology staff into sharp relief. And you CAN make good money working as an academic.

Morning Coffee: Parents paying to ease children into Goldman, Deloitte. Why you don’t want to work in global macro

One ex-hedge fund analyst is making millions coaching children into top universities and top jobs. And global macro jobs have gone seriously downhill.

Morning Coffee: M&A hiring to happen here. 24 year-old banker confesses to sleeping in shower

Advisory bankers are hot, while traders are susceptible to being underpaid and unemployed. Fortuitously therefore, banks are hiring in M&A.

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