New reality for banking pay

BAD NEWS: Morgan Stanley massively increases investment bank’s profits, cuts pay

If you were having doubts that the era of high-paying, free-wheeling, hot-trotting, big-swinging investment bankers is over, Morgan Stanley is here to suppress them. The US investment bank…

The banking torso

Morning Coffee: BAML hiring juniors in record numbers. Sexiest banker in world displays torso for charity

Bank of America is hiring for its markets division. In the past few months, it’s brought on Michele Foresti from Deutsche as head of its fixed income trading business,…

New job

Three recent hires at Barclays, Credit Suisse and Deutsche. And what they say about your chances of getting a job there

In theory, banks should be doing some big hiring at this time of year now that bonuses are paid. In reality, hiring is sort of muted while banks…


These are the signs you should work for Citi instead of JPMorgan, or not

JPMorgan’s first quarter results were out last week. Today we have the Citigroup results, which were unleashed a few hours ago.  JPMorgan’s results weren’t too hot: the U.S. bank suffe

The axe is back.

Morning Coffee: Citi joins FICC cull as Jamie Dimon says just a blip. How to get into banking when you’re advised to become a TV repairman

Like Deutsche Bank, Citigroup is cutting jobs on the trading floor. The Wall Street Journal reports that the US bank has recently cut 200-300 jobs from its global…

Not all happy bunnies at JPMorgan

Six things JPMorgan’s results communicate about banking jobs this Easter

It’s JPMorgan (JPM) results day. As ever, the U.S. bank is the first to report. It’s first quarter dashboard is here. If you’re disinclined to scrutinize the presentations…

Every day and night except Saturdays.

Morning Coffee: Daughter of $100m finance exec produces haunting list of childhood moments he missed

So you thought banking had become a nicer place to work following all those well-publicized efforts to reduce young bankers’ working hours? How wrong you were. As widely…

Enthusiastic about control hiring, still.

Morning Coffee: JPMorgan details where it’s hiring 000s. Perfect background for a career in HFT

Want to work for JPMorgan? That’s good – if you want to work in the bank’s technology or control divisions. It’s less good if you want to work…

Hiring is happening here

Six front office finance jobs experiencing ‘huge’ hiring in 2014

OK, so ‘huge’ hiring may be a misnomer – despite promising early indications that 2014 was going to be a big year for jobs in finance, it hasn’t…


Morning Coffee: How to get a bond strategy job at Blackrock. Deutsche Bank ordered to reinstate £3m rates trader in exactly same role

If you’re looking for work as a bond-focused fund manager and you don’t want to risk your chances with cat-happy Bill Gross over at Pimco, why not try…

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