Associates in investment banks

Why banks are about to start hiring associates instead of VPs

Banks are hiring from the bottom of the ladder.

Personality in banking

The new perfect personality for working in banking

Aggressive and ambitious are no longer adjectives applies to the ideal investment banker.

What it's really like to be an investment banking intern

A pictorial guide to intern life at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BAML, UBS and Citi

If you thought investment banking internships were about hard work you were wrong. At least that's how banks portray the lives of interns on social media.

Resilience Goldman Sachs

Do you have the mental toughness to work in banking?

When it comes to psychological resilience, it seems trite to compare the mental challenges of a finance career with those of a first responder, but experts suggest there…

Jim Esposito

Morning Coffee: 47 year-old Goldman partner’s secret to a successful global career. Pay rise at Morgan Stanley

How do you ensure that your overseas investment banking career doesn't fall flat? Try this. And James Gorman is paying in pursuit of revenues.

AVP Barclays

What exactly is an assistant vice president at Barclays investment bank?

An AVP job title at Barclays is not what it seems.

Young banker

The best banking jobs when you’re in your 20s

You're 25 years old. Which banking jobs are most suited to your experience?

Greek vote bankers.

8 implications of the Greek no vote for bankers

What does Greece's no vote mean for bankers? - Other than hard work?

Best banking jobs when you're in your 30s

The best banking jobs when you’re 35+

You're in your mid-30s. Does that make you too old to find a new job in banking?

Top greek bankers

Meet the top Greek investment bankers of the world

There are a lot of senior Greeks in senior investment banking roles. And they're all strangely similar.

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