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How the 2015 bonus round is panning out at Goldman Sachs, MS, JPM, BAML and Citi

Flat is the new up. Down is the new flat. Up is almost unheard of.

10 phrases which subtly suggest you’re powerless at work

There's more to workplace power than a corner office and standing with your hands on your hips. Don't say this if you don't want to diminish your stature.

Morning Coffee: The new rule for joining hedge funds. BofA’s equities professionals punished horribly

Whatever you do, don't join this category of hedge fund. And traders' bonuses are decreasing by multiples of their falling revenues.

CV Review: Help! Am I good enough to get a job in banking compliance?

Compliance jobs are plentiful. But how good does your CV need to be to get into one?

Are you bold enough to work for Nomura?

Nomura is hiring. But there seem to be a few 'issues.'

What it’s like to work at Deutsche Bank now

How are things in the house of Jürgen and Anshu?

Morning Coffee: These banking jobs should proliferate until 2016.  Why banks work juniors so hard

Which banking jobs are a good bet for the next two years? And why don't banks hire a few more juniors instead of making those they have work crazy hours?

Should Deutsche Bank’s investment bankers fear Sam Wisnia?

Sam Wisnia is now fully regulated and ready to go at Deutsche Bank. Despite joining in November, the ex-Goldman Sachs partner was only given official clearance to work…

The top five best paid jobs in risk management globally when you have five years’ experience

What's the pay like in risk? How can you ensure that you're positioned to earn a large amount of money after five years? Well...

Morning Coffee: Deutsche bank’s fixed income business will look better than it is. JPM’s traders better than Goldmans’

Don't be deceived when Deutsche Bank produces some incredible fixed income results tomorrow. And JPM's traders look better than Goldman's.

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