Quant careers vs. actuarial careers. Which is best?

Are actuarial careers incredibly boring and (comparatively) poorly paid? Are quant careers only for the brave? Maybe.

Barclays’ investment bank: no longer worth zero, but fast becoming 2nd tier?

Not long ago, analysts calculated that Barclays investment bank was worth nothing at all. That's changing. But other things are getting worse.

Morning Coffee: Earnest young bankers snatch last opportunities for inebriation. Compliance hiring overdrive

Compliance professionals are receiving a lot of calls from recruiters. And today's young bankers are boring, say those above them.

5 reasons why you should switch your career in finance to asset management, immediately

Should you migrate your career in finance from banking to asset management? Yes, if you have any sense.

What to expect when Michele Foresti goes into action at BofA

Michele Foresti has touched down at BofA but doesn't have regulatory permission to start his job yet. What can BofA's FICC bankers expect when he does?

Morning Coffee: Careers in finance that will still be hot in 2030. Citigroup investment bankers take control at Barclays

Which careers in finance will keep you employed for the next 20 years? James Gorman thinks he has the answer. And Citi bankers have mounted a Barc takeover.

How to comport yourself during your dinner with Lloyd Blankfein if you want to get promoted

Lloyd Blankfein is tapping people on the shoulder and inviting them to dinner with him at Goldman Sachs. Here's how to handle that.

How to leave banking in your 30s, and still make good money

Is it possible to leave banking in your 30s and still earn good money? Yes, but you'll need a strategy.

Morning Coffee: JPM-backed hedge fund hiring in London. Goldman Sachs chief died after client meeting

A hedge fund owned by JPMorgan is hiring in London. And following Jamie Dimon's cancer diagnosis, Reuters reminds when a Goldman Sachs chief died at work.

7 men (and women) who’ve just started big new jobs in finance (and might have a mandate to hire soon)

Where will the jobs in finance be in the second half? These significant hires in the first six months of the year suggest further recruitment is coming soon.

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