Morning Coffee: Erratic, controlling, fun, finance superstar now hiring. Morgan Stanley vs. Goldman Sachs

Is this the best or the worst boss in finance? And how does Morgan Stanley compare to Goldman Sachs after Q3?

Banks unconcerned about Ebola risks for their globe-trotting staff

Investment bankers are among the most frequent travellers of any industry, but banks are not concerned about potential Ebola infections just yet.

Morning Coffee: The worst time to start a finance career? Look who’s hiring

The storm of 2014 may be a bad time to start your finance career, but this was nothing compared to 2007.

Why you shouldn’t get excited about Goldman Sachs’ results – unless you’re a student who wants to work there

Goldman Sachs results suggest the bank had an exceptional third quarter. Dig deeper, however, and there's a different story.

Will this qualification get you a £120k job in risk management?

Risk management jobs are hot and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Which risk management qualification will get you a job in the sector?

Morning Coffee: James Gorman tells ingratiating intern how to get job at Morgan Stanley. What HFT trading jobs involve really

If you want a job at Morgan Stanley it helps to be sycophantic to CEO James Gorman. And what really happens in high frequency trading firms?

How to ace the questions on banks’ application forms

How should you answer the questions on a banking application form if you want to get invited to interview? Recruitment experts offer their hot tips.

The EBA’s tantrum over banking allowances means bankers will be regularly demoted

The EBA is objecting to banks' role based allowances. This doesn't mean role based allowances are dead. It does mean bankers might get demoted more often.

How much can you earn as a quant in New York and London?

How high is quant pay in banking? Some new compensation data offers an indication.

Morning Coffee: The truth about pay at JPMorgan. The interview no trader wants to attend

Pay at JPMorgan's corporate and investment bank increased in the third quarter. That was an anomaly. And which is the worst interview in banking?

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