Tales of workaholic investment banking bosses, and how to survive them

Are you powerless to resist a tyrant boss in investment banking? Here are some tips to make it through.

One Deutsche LIBOR trader’s thoughts on the skills traders need

One of the sacked Deutsche Bank LIBOR traders is also a painter. And she's produced some abstract works on the qualities traders need.

Morning Coffee: Join a trading arcade, make £250k a day aged 29. Axeman arrives at Barclays

Fed up with working for a bank's back office? Quit and join a trading arcade. That's what Navinder Singh Sarao did.

How Deloitte are introducing working practices flexible enough for everyone

Agile working practices don't have to be largescale arrangements. Deloitte is trying to make its employees lives a little easier.

These are the investment banks still hiring for jobs in Hong Kong right now

Looking for an investment banking job in Hong Kong? Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan are hiring – find out which other firms are too.

The hedge fund managers who pulled in $100m+ last year

The new hedge fund rich list is out. Some people have done very well indeed.

Why you won’t want to work for a bank in London after the election, by Deutsche Bank

Do you know how bad a Labour government could be for City jobs and pay? Deutsche Bank has spelled it out.

6 jobs you probably don’t want as Deutsche Bank becomes Barclays

Deutsche Bank is about to pursue a strategy that sounds remarkably similar to Barclays'. You might not want to work in these jobs if so.

Deutsche, Goldman, Barclays, CS – which bank is best when you’re a junior in IBD?

You're an analyst in investment banking? So do you want to work for Deutsche, which has sector teams, or Barclays, which doesn't?

Career tips an ex-Goldman Sachs partner and JPM banker

Dorothee Blessing retired from a partner role Goldman Sachs in 2013 only to return to banking through a senior role at J.P. Morgan.

Morning Coffee: Where Navinder Sarao learned to trade. How IBD juniors change

Navinder Sarao wasn't home-taught. He learned how to trade at a proprietary trading firm in Woking. And this is what happens to you when you work in IBD.

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