Citi seems to be hiring juniors, losing senior staff

Is Citi letting go of junior bankers just before bonus time (and hiring some juniors in)? If so, it wouldn't be the first time.

10 ways to break into banking in your 30s

Can you achieve a career change into banking when you're more than 30 years old. Yes, if you follow this advice.

Six new finance firm that could offer job opportunities in London

A breakdown of the hot new hedge fund and private equity fund launches of the past month, which may be building their teams.

Morning Coffee: Top Goldman banker in London was an accountant. BAML accused of simplistic risk management

Can you move from accounting to investment banking? Simon Holden at Goldman Sachs suggests you can.

Five reasons why you should want to be an investment banker

You won’t have a great work-life balance, that’s for sure, but you have a few other things to look forward to.

Enter our finance interview questions competition. Win an iPad!

Send us your banking interview questions and you could win an iPad.

Why you would be quite stupid to quit banking at director level

You’re a director in an investment bank. In your fantasy, you will one day be a managing director (MD) in that investment bank. Except that it’s a lot…

Hedge fund increases profits by $94m, cuts headcount and pay

Tudor Capital has been on a UK hiring spree, but new accounts suggest that a good year does not equal better pay.

30 skill sets that banks need most now

Which skills are most likely to get you a finance job now? We've identified the top 30.

Barclays planning 20% headcount increase in MENA

Barclays is expanding in Dubai and other Gulf states and intends on increasing headcount by up to 20%.

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