Meet some of Morgan Stanley’s new London analysts

What does it really take to get an analyst job at Morgan Stanley? Here's a sample of some of their recent hires.

Bring your winter coat to school if you want to work On Wall Street

If you want a job at an investment bank, try picking a school in a cold weather state with a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Six learnings from Deutsche Bank’s ‘Unofficial Guide to Banking’

Deutsche Bank is promoting its 'Unofficial Guide' to banking careers. The guide makes some interesting claims.

Desperate London investment banks scour continental Europe for juniors

Investment banks are having to cast the net ever-wider to find scarce junior talent.

Ex-Deutsche Bank credit chief launches own hedge fund

Vassilis Paschopoulos, one of a series of departures from Deutsche Bank's credit team last year, has re-emerged with his own hedge fund.

Morning Coffee: Bad news for traders at RBS. How Goldman Sachs is better than Deutsche

RBS traders have reason to be very apprehensive. And a new metric in which Goldman Sachs excels has been identified.

The Asian banking job where pay is plummeting by 50%

Banks in Hong Kong and Singapore are trying to cut fintech costs by offshoring, hiring contractors and slashing salaries.

The five firms that may increase hiring in the US following Bill Gross’s departure

Bill Gross's shocking decision will no doubt create opportunities for new hires, people moves and money-making opportunities.

Google’s simple formula for resume success applies especially to finance

Looking for a resume template that applies to every finance job? Try this from Google.

11 easy steps to create a more productive investment banking team

Investment banks want their employees to work 30% harder and achieve the objectives of the organisation. The only way to do this is to develop better relationships.

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