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What banks in Singapore really think about hiring more Singaporean bankers

Banks in Singapore are now being forced to provide water-tight justifications and carry out onerous due diligence for every foreign candidate they want to hire, ahead of a…


Questions you’ll need answers to before any banking interview

Preparing for an interview isn’t rocket science. You spend as much time as you can researching the firm and the people with whom you’ll speak. Coming in armed…

Happy workers

‘No jerks’ and work-free Fridays: Meet the happiest accounting firms

If you’re an accountant working at one of the Big Four, you can sleep well knowing that employees at other firms are green with envy. PricewaterhouseCoopers, EY, Deloitte…

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Sieben goldene Regeln, wie Sie eine nachhaltige Karriere im Investmentbanking aufbauen

Was bringt die Karriere schneller voran? Ein Jobwechsel alle fünf Jahre oder die langfristiege Treue zu demselben Arbeitgeber? Wir haben Antworten.

calling loud

Les établissements financiers qui offrent le plus de stages cette année

Pas encore trouvé votre stage pour cet été ? Il n’est peut-être pas trop tard car si l’on en croit les chiffres collectés par Challenges le mois dernier, les…

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Seven golden rules for an epic investment banking career at one firm

There’s a popular perception in investment banking that to keep earning and keep learning you need to move jobs every five years or so. Staying put is stagnating,…

New job

Three recent hires at Barclays, Credit Suisse and Deutsche. And what they say about your chances of getting a job there

In theory, banks should be doing some big hiring at this time of year now that bonuses are paid. In reality, hiring is sort of muted while banks…

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Personalaufbau bei der KFW geht weiter

Auch in 2013 hat die KFW ihr Personal noch einmal kräftig aufgestockt. Zu Jahresende beschäftige das Institut 5374 Mitarbeiter – gut 180 mehr als im Vorjahr. Doch jetzt…


CV errors to avoid when applying for a finance job in the Middle East

The Gulf is something of a hub for finance professionals; a melting pot for local candidates, Western professionals and those from Asia and Indian sub-continent. However, when to…


Morning Coffee: The new era of cost-cutting at Barclays’ investment bank, Credit Suisse needs to axe 15% of headcount

What’s going to happen to Barclays investment bank when it presents its new plan in June? Tushar Morzaria, the bank’s chief financial officer who took the job six…

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