Hedge fund bonuses no longer buy a Ferrari, but will get a Mayfair parking space

Hedge fund bonuses are not what they once were, but still offer enough for a three-bed property in Cornwall.

Five new London financial services firms that could be hiring

Fresh and new, these are the hedge funds, boutiques and private equity firms that could provide your next employment opportunity.

BayernLB spart sich beim Personal gesund

Die Münchner können ihren Vorsteuergewinn um 65 Mio. steigern - 55 Mio. davon wurden beim Personal eingespart.

The new reality of getting promoted in an investment banking job

Investment banks have vastly changed their operating models, the types of people they hire and how they hand out promotions.

Morning Coffee: 2014 analyst bonuses fall to a mere $55k, UK hedge fund bonuses slip by £127k in two years

Investment banks are refusing to bolster bonuses for junior recruits despite hiking up base pay.

Les 70 sociétés de private equity les plus aptes à verser un carried interest

Preqin a compilé une liste des fonds de private equity parmi les mieux classés dans leurs catégories respectives. Vous ferez bien d’y jeter un coup d’œil...

Wie Kandidaten nach einem Vorstellungsgespräch geschickt nachfassen

Mit einem Interview ist die Bewerbung keinesfalls erledigt. Wer gekonnt nachfasst, kann vielmehr Extra-Punkte sammeln.

Investment banking interview questions, with suggested answers

Here is a collection of real questions that were asked of investment banking candidates at the MBA level, along with suggested answers.

RBC Capital Markets continues London hiring drive

RBC Capital Markets has been opportunistically poaching from rivals retreating from certain business areas.

Yet another big bank hitches its wagon to the asset management star

Wells Fargo is planning a bid to become a much bigger player in the thriving and relatively risk-free asset management game.

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