This is what your investment banking salary should be in Singapore

Are you underpaid or overpaid in Singapore banking? Our compensation table reveals how your salary shapes up.

Why I quit Pimco to take on pay day loan sharks

This former investment banker quit last year to start a firm aimed at tackling pay day loans.

If these people can’t get internships in investment banks, you have no chance

A list of top students who are prepared to intern for free is being circulated in London.

How to survive in the job market of 2025

Financial services organisations need to shake up their office space if they're going to retain talent.

What it takes to work for Chris Rokos’ hot new hedge fund

Brevan Howard wunderkind Chris Rokos is going it alone and indulging in a lot of hiring. What does it take to work at his new hedge fund?

The 50 market risk interview questions you need to anticipate

Which market risk interview questions should you prepare for? Can you talk about VaR, Basel and hedging? Here's our comprehensive list.

Morning Coffee: Barclays’ traders, sales, compliance staff all implicated. Why plentiful accounting jobs are unappealing

It's not just traders: sales and compliance also come out looking badly in Barclays' latest scandal. And, why graduates shouldn't become accountants.

How to write the perfect product control CV

Competition for product control jobs at banks is intense. Here's how to craft a product control CV that makes you stand out from the crowd.

4 charts showing the best and worst places to work in banking in 2015

Q1 was a good period for most investment banks, but they were still firing front office staff.

Why you’re never too old to take the CFA, by the CFA Institute president

The CFA's president and CEO Paul Smith puts the case forward for taking the CFA in order to show commitment to your career.

Fear of layoffs, relocation, pervades J.P. Morgan’s tech team

Banned from having full profiles on LinkedIn, J.P. Morgan's technology staff are fearful of losing their jobs or being moved to less desirable locations.

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