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Why 20-something bankers in Singapore and Hong Kong don’t get hired

If you’re going for a junior banking job in Singapore or Hong Kong, here’s how not to behave at an interview.

14 tips for turning an operations internship into a full-time job

If you’re toiling away as an operations intern this summer, here’s how to make sure your bank ends up offering you a full-time role.

Six of the more amazing accounting jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong now

How to find Asian accounting jobs that are both stimulating and sought after.

Morning Coffee: Singapore bankers shed tears as they talk through their troubles

OCBC is encouraging employees to join internal support groups to discuss their personal problems.

Recruiters shocked as junior bankers stick selfies on CVs

Junior finance professionals in Asia are trying to stand out to recruiters by attaching selfies to the top of their resumes. Recruiters aren't impressed.

Morning Coffee: New entrant looks to hire up to 40 bankers across Asia

It only opened its private banking unit 18 months ago, but Maybank is now ready to ramp up recruitment in Singapore and Greater China.

Does their mastery of maths make Singaporeans better bankers?

Singaporeans typically excel in maths, but are their numeracy skills helping them forge successful careers in financial services?

Morning Coffee: Boost for local jobs as Stan Chart shifts power to SG and HK

Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters wants to hand more power to Singapore and Hong Kong. This could trigger more hiring in the two cities.

The five banks to apply to first if you want a middle-office job in Asia

The recruitment boom in Asian risk and compliance isn't as widespread as you'd think – only a handful of banks have ample middle-office vacancies.

Morning Coffee: We don’t need “robo” bankers, says Citi boss at start of new Asian hiring spree

Citi is set to hire new bankers in Asia as it looks to double the number of wealth-management clients in the region.

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