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Five key takeways from Citi’s Q2 results

Citi's investment bank didn't do well during the second quarter, but some divisions held up while others tanked.

7 men (and women) who’ve just started big new jobs in finance (and might have a mandate to hire soon)

Where will the jobs in finance be in the second half? These significant hires in the first six months of the year suggest further recruitment is coming soon.

Boutique advisory firms hot and hiring

When you hear the word ‘boutique,’ you likely think small and specialized. In the M&A world, size may soon no longer be a defining factor.

An indication of what Goldman intends to do with pay and hiring

Goldman Sachs has put forward Gary Cohn, president and chief operating officer, to speak at the Sanford C. Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference. The presentation is available here and outlines

VP and director: the new worst job titles in investment banks?

Everyone knows that junior roles in investment banks are hard, but what about the poor people in the middle?

Strong M&A activity bright spot in Wall Street’s sluggish Q1

With every U.S. bank having reported first quarter earnings, one thing has become clear: M&A activity is officially back.

The culture shift among M&A bankers

M&A bankers have always been jet-setting types, needing to travel and work around the clock in order to ensure a deal completes. However, if you’re working in the…

How to make it in M&A: Follow your passion and always have an eye on the next career move

If you’re a student trying to break into a role in M&A in Europe, you’d have every reason to believe that prospects were a little bleak. Investment bankers…

Citi loses energy head to expanding private equity firm

A senior energy investment banker at Citigroup, Ekaterina Zotova, has left after two years to take a role at an expanding private equity company backed by Russian oligarch…

Daily Dispatches – Why being a psychopath is good for a career in finance

That is, says the Financial Times, in an article entitled The psychopath’s guide to finance careers, unless you want to be a fund manager. The FT reports that…

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