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As finance falters in Ireland, Google and Apple help create 4,000 jobs

Information technology and financial services have long been the backbone of foreign investment in Ireland, creating thousands of jobs.  However, as finance struggles globally, the country’s technology


Fed up with working in financial services in Ireland? How to move on

Does Financial Services not seem as glamorous as it once was? Are you stuck in a job and can’t get out? Have you managed to move jobs but…

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Will an MSc in Finance help you land a financial services job in Ireland?

Ireland is lucky to have a number of financial services MSc courses. They aren’t cheap though. Is it really worth the time and money you’ll have to invest…

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Q&A: Oliver McClure, president of CFA Ireland, tells us how the CFA Institute can help improve your career prospects

Q: Will a CFA qualification make a big difference to someone's ability to find a financial services job in Ireland? Oliver: The CFA Qualification is well sought after…


Three qualifications that will help you get a financial services job in Ireland

Bank of Ireland, AIB, National Irish and Northern Bank may all be making redundancies, but that doesn't mean there's not hiring in Ireland's financial services industry. As Hays…

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3 pieces of important advice for all the AIB staff facing redundancy

With another two weeks of waiting to go (according to a spokesperson at IBOA, the finance union), staff at Allied Irish Bank are apparently still waiting for their…

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Four avoidable reasons why your Irish Financial Services CV might be binned in 2012

So you’ve rewritten your CV with all your recent experience in it, and put in the latest buzzwords. But before you send it out to prospective employers, check…