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Malaysia targets big growth in Singapore

Daily Dispatches – Malaysian bank to hire 500 in Singapore

Malaysia RHB Bank will expand its Singapore business three-fold in the next two years by focusing on the SME (small and medium enterprise) business, wealth management as well…


Banks like Goldman Sachs are going too far cyber-spying on their employees

In a cutthroat, hyper-regulated workplace where long hours can’t collide with posts on Facebook, Tweets, Google searches, YouTube videos or even mobile phone calls, employee monitoring has become…


Who has what it takes to work for the Winklevii?

Is the idea of a Bitcoin exchange traded fund nuts? After all, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the super twins who donned identical green ties to peddle pistachios…


Students! Maximize your online employability

Advice for students on how to improve their employability through managing their web presence. More and more employers are checking a candidate's social media presence before they invite…


As finance falters in Ireland, Google and Apple help create 4,000 jobs

Information technology and financial services have long been the backbone of foreign investment in Ireland, creating thousands of jobs.  However, as finance struggles globally, the country’s technology

When it comes to IPOs, it's not always about "likes"

Guest Comment: Why I saw the Facebook IPO debacle coming, and why everyone else should have, too

In retrospect, the Facebook IPO debacle was inevitable. There are no shortage of villains: CEO Mark Zuckerberg, CFO David Ebersman, the underwriters, and stock buyers all share the…


Thursday’s Headlines: Buyouts are Back – Smaller and More Boring Than Ever

Private equity is seeing a slow crawl back from the dark days of 2008, as companies have more money and are fetching bigger pricetags, reports The Wall Street Journal. Despite…

New Hires

Thursday’s Headlines: Hedge funds are adding compliance staff

Transparency is the buzzword these days at the overwhelming majority of the nation’s hedge funds, according to a story in FIN Alternatives, a daily newsletter about hedge funds…


Late Lunchtime Links: The foolish men who decided to be bankers rather than work for Facebook

We’ve said it before but the Facebook IPO makes it worth reiterating: investment banking is a career for the risk averse. Far more money is to be made…

Big demand in Australian capital markets

Friday’s Headlines: Wall Street to Get Bonus Bump

Forget shareholder outcry – banks are expected to boost bonuses by an average of 5 percent to 15 percent this year and will dedicate a larger portion of…

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