Machine learning PhD in finance

Study this course and get a job at Google OR Goldman Sachs

A few months ago, we noticed a trend. People who had worked in finance were going back to college. And once back at college they were studying an…

Top Masters in Finance

Are these the only Masters in Finance courses that matter?

Before you spend tens of thousands of pounds on a Masters in Finance, you need to know it will really help your banking career.

CFA exam worth it

“The CFA is just a hazing ritual for young finance professionals”

Are the CFA exams really worth it? One dropout says they're absolutely not.


How to get among the 1% of quants without a finance degree

Can you become a quant if you haven't studied maths at university? It's a possibility - here's how.

MBA or Masters in Finance

Has the Masters in Finance replaced the MBA as the top qualification for junior bankers?

Once upon a time, an MBA was the must-have qualification for junior banking jobs. Not any more.

Market risk interview questions

The 50 market risk interview questions you need to anticipate

Which market risk interview questions should you prepare for? Can you talk about VaR, Basel and hedging? Here's our comprehensive list.


Why you’re never too old to take the CFA, by the CFA Institute president

The CFA's president and CEO Paul Smith puts the case forward for taking the CFA in order to show commitment to your career.

Which accounting qualification to choose in Asia

ACCA, CPA, ACA, CIMA: which accounting qualification will get you a job in Asian finance?

You're looking to start an accounting qualification that will boost your career in Asian financial services. Which one should you choose?

CFA jobs

Where it’s easiest to find a job with a CFA qualification

So you want to use your CFA qualification to find a finance job? This is where you're most likely to be successful in terms of location and role.

The best job functions for the CFA in Asia

Are you taking the CFA in Asia for the right reasons or the wrong reasons?

Two charts that help explain whether the CFA will boost your career within your current or desired job function.

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