Seven banking skills you’re bound to need by 2024

We reveal the type of skills and experience you'll need to flourish in a back-office job over the next 10 years.

How long does it really take to pass CFA Level III?

You want to pass CFA Level III. How much of your life must you give up really? A lot.

CFA or MBA: Which is best for a finance career?

CFA or MBA? What should you consider taking if you want your finance career to take off?

“I am completely burned out and my head feels like a watermelon.” To CFA or not to CFA?

Studying for the CFA exams can consume your life? Should you really bother? Candidates offer their perspectives on the issue.

The jobs you’ll most likely get with CFA qualifications. And the companies you’ll most likely work for

You've got a CFA qualification, but which bank is most likely to hire you? And into which business area?

How to pass CFA Level I when you’re seriously panicking with one week to go

There are seven days left to revise for CFA Level I. What should you do if you're seriously behind?

The 10 commandments for succeeding at CFA exams

You want to pass the (very difficult) CFA exams. Those who've been through them already offer some strategies for success.

Listen: don’t use an MBA as a springboard for a sales and trading role

Firstly – a confession, I’m an MBA who attended a top business school with the intention of going into sales and trading. Secondly, I’m not here to bang…

What to do if you’re under 20 and want to work for Google or a hedge fund when you’re older

You’re a young person at that difficult stage of life otherwise known as adolescence and you figure that you want to work in a quant hedge fund. What…

How to break into a quant role with little or no experience

Breaking into quantitative finance has become much harder in recent years, as the supply of candidates from academia, engineering and software development wishing to apply their skills in…

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