“I retired from banking aged 37. Now I’m 40. This is how I would have designed my life“

What does it take to achieve the perfect banking career - in at 20 and out at 40? We spoke to one man who did precisely that.

Are you too paranoid to report mistakes on the trading floor?

Next time you make a mistake with a trade, will you tell anyone else on the trading floor? Or will you help it goes away quietly.

The 6 best front office banking jobs for the 2nd half of 2014

Which are the best banking jobs to go for in the second half of 2014?

Top banker leaves UBS for HSBC. Why?

James Simpson, a senior M&A banker at UBS, has quit for HSBC. So, what makes HSBC so appealing?

Banking: is the lifestyle still worth it?

Banking pay has fallen but the banking lifestyle remains the same. Is the industry really so unappealing though?

Morning Coffee: Deutsche Bank hiring 300 people in London. Unbearable stress of interviewing for private equity jobs

In the next 5 years, there will be 300 jobs going at Deutsche Bank in London. And interviewing for private equity jobs might cost you your job in banking.

Career Crunch: Surviving in the investment bank of tomorrow, Asian job title inflation

Investment banking is evolving, so how will potential employees have to adapt?

Six incredibly difficult maths puzzles that only the world’s elite can answer

Can you solve the sorts of maths puzzles that will help identify the best young mathematicians in the world next week?

13 reasons Goldman Sachs careers may be going out of fashion

Are Goldman Sachs careers still the best? Not necessarily according to one banking analyst.

Why you won’t fit into the investment bank of the future

What will the investment bank of the future look like? And will you really have a place there?

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